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Unlock Professor Gutenburg

Go into adventure mode and go to the torpedo run. Three subs will display on your radar. One of them is a yellow sub with the professor on it. Unlock the code by shooting two torpedoes at the yellow sub.

Island Jack

At danger island when you get to the jungle go below the trees. You will see a giant snake wrapped around a tree branch near the end on the left side of the jungle, shoot it and you will unlock Island Jack.

Andre LaToilette

In Bigfoot Mt. at the beginningof the level you will see a house on a hill. In front of that house is a snowman. Shoot the snowman and eventually it will say you have unlocked Andre LaToilette.

Sheik Abdoul

In the Cave of Blunders you start above a Arabian city. In the center of town there is a small area with pillars where Sheik is being bullied by a palace guard. Kill the guard to get Sheik Abdoul.

Cactus Rose

In the beginning of Coyote Canyon on your right will be a town. In that town there will be a girl being hanged. Shoot her and it will say you've unlocked Cactus Rose.

Sammy Wasabe

Go to monster isle. Shoot a ninja by the shrine in the middle of the jungle. If you did it right you will hear "you unlocked Sammy Wasabe".

Pilot X

On the last level in Adventure mode, X, beat Pilot X by destroying his robot. Pilot X will become a playable character in all modes except Adventure Mode.

Automatic Aundre

In bigfoot mountain, achieve a perfect score.

Baron Von Slaughter

In grave danger, fly into the graveyard and destory the baron's tombstone.


In X, achieve a perfect score.

Chicken Hut Sheik

In cave of boulders, achieve a perfect score.

Human Baron

In grave danger, achieve a perfect score.

La Chiquita Diabla

In Coyote Canyon, achieve a perfect score.

Marcel Clowns

In Bombsburg, achieve a perfect score.

Margaret Basher

In Thugsville, head to the harbor and shoot the union Jack flag on the ship under the bridge.

Monkey Pie

In Intestinal Track, achieve a perfect score.

Sambot 5000

In Monster isle, achieve a perfect score.

Sanitation Paulie

In Thugsville, achieve a perfect score.

Stewardess Traci

In Bandito attack, achieve a perfect score.


Unlock everything in the game to get this character.

Sven With Monkey

In Torpedo Run, achieve a perfect score.

Unlock Everything

Start a new game with ZENBU for the name.

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