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Enter any of these codes during gameplay. You will hear a sound effect if the code is entered correctly:

Effect - Code

10 extra Tokens - X, B, X, B, Black
Unlock Ultra Hard Difficulty - X, B, A, X, Black
God Mode - Y, A, X, B, Black
Big guns (1000 points damage per shot) - B, X, A, B, Black
$5000 cash money - A, Y, A, Y, Black
Unlock all planes - Y, X, B, Y, Black

Arixo: Easter Egg

When you first get to Arixo, fly west until you see a landing strip by an outhouse. Land there for a surprise.

Chicago: Artist names

Look closely at the billboards to see the names of all the lead artists on them.

Boss battle: Fasa Studios logo

During the Boss in a large open field, you can see the Fasa Studios logo appearing in the field looking like a crop circle.

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