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Play Chicken

Successfully complete all 15 levels of the Crash mode, enter name as "chickenhawk" on the select name screen and a second player using a controller in Port 2 will now be able to control oncoming traffic by pressing the start button when a vehicle appears on screen. Once the car is crashed or goes off screen, player 2 must wait for another vehicle to appear.

Unlock Face Off

Win every face off in the first championship.

Unlock Custom Championship

Get all gold medals in every race and win everything in the first championship to unlock the Custom Championship. There will be about six more cars that you can unlock.

Unlock 1997 Eclipse And 2001 Focus SVT

Finish the Custom championship two times and get best score possible in the races.

Unlock Classic 1970 Car

Win Pursuit 2 by destroying the classic 1970 car with the police car. This car has average to bad stats, but it can get past a police car very quickly in Pursuit mode and in races.

Unlock Drivers Ed Car

Finish Driving 101 with all gold medals.

Unlock Police Car

Win Pursuit 1 by destroying the criminal's car before it gets away. The police car has maximum top speed, average control, and good acceleration.

Unlock Two Player Pursuit Mode

Finish Pursuit 3.

Unlock Cheat Mode

Unlock all cheats and CHEAT MODE selection will appear at the OPTIONS prompt. When you activate any cheat a victory in a race won't be counted as a win.

Unlock Invulnerability

Finish all Grand Prix Championships with gold medals to unlock the INVULNERABILITY option in the CHEAT MODE menu.

Speed Boost

Hit the gas on "3" (then release), "2" (then release) but not the "1". You must wait just slightly before the "1" fades from view before hitting the gas again to gain a speed boost.

Unlock Oval Racer

Race Face-Off 2 against the Oval Racer. The race is five laps around Airport Terminal 3 (one of the first races). If you manage to defeat it, you will unlock it. This car has great acceleration, maximum control, and maximum top speed.

Unlock Runaway

Finish Crash mode with all gold medals on all fifteen tracks to unlock the "Runaway" option in the CHEAT MODE prompt. This is a free-play type Crash mode with no goals or brakes.

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