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Extreme Difficulty

Beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Quick Reload

Press LEFT TRIGGER to start reloading your gun. Immeditiately block (L3). Release your block and your gun will be reloaded without having to go through the long animations that leave you open to attack.


Beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Music Player

Beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty

Trailer Video

Beat the game on Normal or Hard difficulty.

Spread fingered gesture

Hold block and then press white, black.

Naughty Derrick

When you're in the direct acess elevator to Nexus after Glen gives you new poweres the elevator will stop and the lights will shut off. Normally you are supposed to open the doors and work your way down but instead of facing the button to open the doors face Alex. An acess sign will show up and if you press X twice Derrick will reach out and poke Alex's breast instead of openning the door. Alex responds by saying things like cut it out and you can do it 3-4 times before she moves and you press the button.Very funny.

Completion bonuses

Complete the game to unlock the "Trailer" option and all entries in the "Gallery" and "Sound Test" screens.

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