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Level Select Cheat

Enter LAZYPLAYER at the cheat menu.

Money Cheat

Enter LOTSAMONEY on the cheat menu.

Unlock All Cheats

Enter CHEATINGMUTHATRUCKER at the cheat menu.

Unlock Evil Truck

Clear the 60 Day Trial By Truckin' mode and win the race to Big Mutha Trucking HQ.

Cheat List

Enter the cheats below in on the Cheats screen of the Options menu to activate their effects:

Automatic Nav: USETHEFORCE
Diplomatic Immunity: VICTORS
Evil Truck: VARLEY
Level Select: LAZYPLAYER
Small Pedestrians: DAISHI
Toggle Damage: 6WL
Tons of Cash: LOTSAMONEY

Move Faster

If you want your truck to haul arse, in the options screen enter the code: GINGERBEER.

Squash 'em

To make pedestrians squishier, you can shrink them by entering the code: DAISHI.

More Time

If you want infinite time, enter the code: PUBLICTRANSPORT.

Jackers On Your Cargo

If a jacker jumps on your cargo, swerve and you will score big bucks and knock him off.

Bonus levels

Go to the options screen and select "Cheats". Press Y to enter a cheat code and enter JINGLEBELLS.

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