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Unlock Credits

Finish a whole season to unlock the Credits.

Arena Prices

You can buy more arenas for the following prices at the shop zone:

Times square: 10,000
Smackdown B: 3,000
Raw B: 3,000
Wrestlemania X19: 7,000
Summerslam: 5,000
Rebellion: 5,000

Build Up Your Custom Wrestler Easily

You don't have to use your custom wrestler (from Create a Wrestler) in the Season mode to strengthen his stats. You can just use a regular WWE wrestler in the season to accumulate attribute points, and then you can use those points later on to edit your custom wrestler. This will save you the trouble of using a weak custom wrestler in the season mode.

Easy Hell in the Cell Win

Break open one of the two sections in the top of the cell first. Then go up to the top and the computer opponent will follow you. Move yourself so that the opponent will step right into the open spot, falling to the ground suffering major damage. (The key is to stay on the side of the hole that is opposite of the computer opponent.)

Easy Season Win

In season mode, set up a table in the corner of the ring and move near it until the computer opponent puts you through it. They will be disqualified, and you will win the match, getting more respect and superstar points.

Experience Points in Season Mode

The experience points you earn depend on the difficulty:
Easy - 6 points per match
Normal - 12 points per match
Hard - 18 points per match
Smackdown - 24 points per match

Smash Glass in Elimination Chamber

You can whip your opponent into the glass in the elimination chamber to do lots of damage.

Title Match Trick

Whenever you have a title and you don't want to defend it, exit out of the game. You will lose the title. The next week, go to the general manager and request a shot for the title you've just lost. Now you can earn it back easily. This will make sure that you have a title match every week, and this will give you additional money to help you unlock those expensive items.

Training Room Hidden Area

When you are doing a hardcore match, go to the training room. Find a wall that has a crack in it. Irish whip your oppenent into this wall two or three times and the wall should break, revealing a secret room.

Treadmill Trick

In the locker room, walk onto the treadmill and press SQUARE to start using it. Now press X really fast, and you will get a special quickly.

View Extra Video

To view an extra video, beat the game in season mode and then watch through all of the credits. At the end of the credits, an extra video will come on.

Elimanation Chamber Jump Out

It isn't a code. It is something you do for fun. When at the elemination chamber, get your opponent on the top of the upper left cell. ( The thing where the people come out of.) Then get your player on the small turnbickle below. Note: only works if you use A-train as the one you pick to play with. Then press left then the X button. It will throw you out into the crowd.

Create Shaniqua

To create Shaniqua, just go to create appereance and then go to NEW. Choose to create a girl and then go to appereance. After this, go to sample model and the 1st sample model will be Shaniqua. You can edit her too. This also works if you want to create Spike Dudley or William Regal on create a man.

Play as Bret Hitman Heart

Play as Shaw Michals in season mode then get in the Main event or not you should be attackted by Breat.

More Weapons

Get out of the ring and go to the center of the outside of the ring and stand still then press the square button and the person you chose will grab a weapon from under the ring (This only works once per every side) if you are at the bottom of the ring you will get a sludge hammer if you are on one of the sides your person will grab a steel chair and if you are on the side at the top of the screen you will get a table if DQ is on then knock out the ref and do this it is a good way to get specials and a good way to "bring the pain" on your opponents.

Helicopter Cheat

It is possible to climb the ladder dangling from the helicopter. when you are outside in the street with the helicopter, stand in the middle of the road and the helicopter will hover over you, just press triangle and your wrestler will jump up and climb up the ladder, but it can only be done for a couple of seconds before you come crashing to the ground.

Fast smackdown on season and singles matches

In a singles match(season or exhibition)goto the side of the ring and get a weapon out from under the mat. Keep your target on the opponent and run and clotheline the referee or your running move. It will be a while before he gets up, so grab the chair and keep thrusting them with the chair in the stomach. After about 2-3 hits you should have a smackdown.

Throw your opponent off of holding chambers.

In an elimination chamber match, wait until your opponent or someone else gets on top of a chamber. Climb the side and pres the d-pad in the direction where your opponent is and you will get on the same chamber then press x to throw them off.

Get attacked by a random superstar in a parking lot

This only works in season mode. At a PPV, ask your GM for a Title Shot. In my case I won the Hardcore Title with Shawn Michaels and at the end of the PPV you see him walking toward his car. Kane attacked me(there is a different superstar every season that attcks you) and he tells you that the title you got that night is his. Then you will start to fight and you'll start with a slightly damaged torso and he will jump up on a motorcycle and try to grab you. After he grabs you he will scrape you on the ground. Win this to get quite a bit of exp points and money if you win this.

Various Codes

Goku: Hair(D'UH) The Super Sayin Hair (9) Mono Yellow.
Eyebrows 1-Yellow
Eyes 1-Green
Long Hemline 1-1-1 Dk Blue-Mono Short Sleeve
Long Hemline 1-1-1 DK Orange-Mono No sleeve
Wrist Bands As many 1's ther are. Dk Blue-Mono As short as his wrist bands are.
Long Pants 1-1-4 Orange Mono (Belt should be blue)
Shoes 1-1-1 Dk Blue
Move set-Auto Stetting-Triple H
Special 1: Pedigree 3
Special 2: Your pick

Now preview the entrance. Cool Huh?

Vegeta - Hair Same as Goku only at long.
Eybrows 1-Yellow Mono
Eyes 1-Green
Long Hemline 1-1-1 DK Blue Sleveless
Gloves 1-1-1 Color-White
Long Pants 1-1-1 Dk Blue
Shoes 1-1-1 White
Moves-Auto Setting-Batista
Special 1:Powerbomb 15
Special 2:Powerbomb 16 or Spinning out powerbomb 3
Movie Batista
Moves Sean o' Heire
Music Batista

Stripping Divas in Bra and Painties Match

Equip a Diva who is entered in that match with The Peoples Elbow. Insted of taking off elbow pads the take off the shorts and shirts.

Evolution's Ric Flair is retierd

Change Ric Flair with one superstar you think should be in evolutions gang. Creating yourself works.

Making fun of Big Show & A-Train

Make there Entrences as shown:

Movie:Big Show
Music:Original 18
Moves: Original 2
Moves:Original 18
Music:Original 2

Easy win in a cage match in season mode

Frist you have to be using Goldburg. Then in the match use Goldburg's combonation punches,X X X, and it will knock them out long enough to get just to the top so then hurry and get the rest of the way down.

Have all the Titles

First, start in season mode. J.R. will ask you if you want to challenge for the World/WWE title. Don't challenge, and every week go to to the General Manager's office and ask for a title shot. Later, you will have all of them but the World/WWE title. Start a new season and when J.R. talks to you, tell him that you want to challenge for the World Heavywieight Championship (RAW) or for the WWE Championship (SMACKDOWN) and you will have all the belts in your show (not the Women's Championship, of course).

Easy Wins For No DQ Match

When your match has no DQ(this cheat can be use for season), go to the bottom of the ring and take the hammer then use the graple attack to the oppenent. keep doing this method until you oppenent's body is red in colour. Then you can pin him/her. (Note: this is because coms do not know how to reverse this attack)

Easy Hardcore Match Win

Once you have unlocked the back street arena called TIMES SQUARE then it is very easy to defeat your opponent even when there is more than one opponent and I?ll tell you why. When the starting of the match go the TIMES SQUARE then go up to the highest point of the level then SUPER JUMP down. The com will not be able to SUPER JUMP so instead it will fall down and do major damage to itself. keep doing this until the time when you want to pin him/her. (NOTE: this can be done in any match as long you can go to that place)

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