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Infinite Combo Chain

In any area where there's a hub with a grinder (Where you toss Redmond in and pull the chain while he gets ground in the gears) you can perform a very interesting glitch. Start attacking the side of the grinder until Redmond goes into Hyper mode. Then stand in place as Redmond keeps hitting the grinder. You will notice that the Hyper bar stays up at maximum and your combo chain number increases. You can easily get a 1000+ hit combo in 3 minutes or so.

How To Get Genetics Security Card

At the front desk up-left should be a high voltage orb use it to swing up to a ledge with a door and go threw it. Then go down the hall it leads to into a room. In the room find some windows and go threw them. Then break the three genorators in each room. When your finished go to the main room and find the moving orbs and attach to one. Let it take you upto a roof. Then go to the other end and slide across a pipe to the beaker man. Finally beat him up!

How To Get Power Security Card

Go down the hole in the Robotics room to get to the power sector. Go to place where you fought the power boss. There should be some high voltage orbs somwhere. when you find them swing up them and press the button. A squad of guys will come out, kick thier butts! I suggest using the multi power up on the pillar.

How To Get Shipping Security Card

Get to the shipping hub.(look for it on your map) There should be a conveyor belt with high voltage orbs. To get to it use the ajustable platform. When your there attach to an orb until you find a vent at the end, go into it and into a place. Then go through the obstacles. When you reach the end you`ll see a cage thing, go into it and fight the powerjack boss.

How To Get Waste Security Card

Go to the room where you rescued the alligators. Get on to the conveyor belt at the other end and you`ll see a high voltage orb. Swing over to the ledge and go into the vent. When you get to the end of the vent wait until a cart comes by and get on it. Then just go through the obstacles until you reach the end of a vent. Go through it to another boss round. You`ll see four wheels overhead. Go around hitting them once until a goo spills. The guy then goes to clean it. This is your chance to get him! Repeat this until he`s dead.

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