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World Destruction Tour Movie

Complete Story mode.

Cheat Codes Movie

Complete all gaps on all 15 levels.

Pro Bails 1 Movie

Complete classic mode.

Pro Bails 2 Movie

Complete Story with 100%.

Neversoft Skates Movie

Complete Classic Mode with 100%.

Ben Franklin

Complete Boston Story Mode.

Bull Fighter

Complete Barcelona Story Mode.

Graffiti Tagger

Complete Berlin in Story.

Jesse James

Complete Classic mode on Sick.


Complete New Orleans in Story.

Natas Kaupas

Complete Classic mode on Sick.


Complete Story on Sick


Complete Story on Normal

Pedestrian Group A

Complete Story on Easy.

Pedestrian Group B

Complete Story on Normal.

Pedestrian Group C

Complete Story on Sick.

Pedestrian Group D

Complete Classic Mode on Normal.

Pedestrian Group E

Complete Classic Mode on Sick.

Pedestrian Group F

Complete Story with 100%.

Pedestrian Group G

Complete Classic Mode with 100%.

Phil Margera

Complete Story on Easy.

Pro Skater Level

Complete Story.

Ryan Sheckler

Complete Skatopia in Story.

Shrimp Vendor

Complete Australia in Story mode.


Complete Classic mode on Normal.

The Hand

Complete Story mode on Normal.

Original Tony Hawk

Complete Classic mode on Normal.

Skatopia level: Rope ride

Grab on to what looks like a jet pack and it will take you on a very fast rope ride.

Skatopia: Easy Bomb Box mission

The easiest way to complete the Bomb Box mission in Skatopia is to Flip Trick onto one of the lower boxes and Caveman the rest in that row. Just jump from box to box after getting off your board, but make sure to do one row at a time.

Zoo level: Unlock aquarium

Jump on the house near the elephant then hop on the elephant's back. He will get mad and crush the aquarium door.

R/V halfpipe

To unlock the R/V halfpipe and that mission for your character, play as Jesse James and jump over three cars.

The Natas Spin

To do the Natas Spin, approach an object, such as a trash can, statue, or a pole, while standing on the board. Jump at it and press Triangle while holding R1.

Star Wars Kid Cameo

On the Boston level, turn left from where you first start. Go past the museum into an opening that looks like a typical apartment. Skate to the right of the door you can't go in, come down and skate up that ramp and, at the top of your jump, R2 to level out. You'll break through a glass window and find the Star Wars kid sitting there.

Infinite Rail/Lip balance

Enter the following at the cheat menu: straightedge.

Unlock Nigel Beaverhousen

Enter the following at the cheat menu: sellout.

Bead Madness

Throw a bead at any girl in New Orleans, and they'll pull up their shirt to reveal the word, censor.

Star Wars Kid Redux

The Star Wars Kid makes a second appearance in the final Classic level, Triangle. Grind the helicopter missiles in order to bust open two holes in the side of the mountain. There are three sets of windows showing aliens doing a variety of things including watching the Star Wars Kid demonstrate his ridiculous dance.

Unlock Natus Kaupas

Enter "oldskool" in the cheat code menu. Alternatly, sucessfully complete classic mode under the sick difficulty setting.

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