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Perfect rail balance

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "letitslide" as a code.

Perfect Rail Balance - Alternate Code

Enter "SWEETBALANCE" on the cheats codes screen in the options menu.

Unlock Iron Man

Successfully complete the game in story mode.

Unlock All T.H.U.G. Movies

Enter the code "digivid" to unlock all movies. If you come in first place, you are given the code "holeshot" which must be entered in at www.mtxmototrax.com. Then you are given the "digivid" code for T.H.U.G. This code does not have to be turned on in the pause/cheat menu.

Unlock Gene Simmons From KISS

Complete story mode on either the Normal or Sick difficulty.

Unlock Creature

Complete story mode on the Sick difficulty setting.

Unlock Pedestrians

Find every gap in the game and you will be able to play as over 2 dozen pedestrians found in the game.

Unlock "The School 2" Stage

To unlock the school stage from Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2, you must grab the icon the spins over the train tracks in New Jersey. To reach the icon, grind from the quarter-pipe on the left of the hospital and get on the roof. Switch to walk mode and step around the ledge over the tracks. "The School 2" is now selectable.

Moon Gravity Cheat

Select "Cheat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "noforce" as a code. You can also get this code if you complete all 129 goals.

Perfect Manual

Enter "keepitsteady" on the cheat menu.

Unlock T.H.U.D.

Beat the story mode on sick difficulty to unlock T.H.U.D.

Unlock Secrets

If you complete all 129 goals, you will unlock the following:

Cool Specials
Kid Mode
Roller Skates
Always Special
Perfect Skitch
Perfect Manual
Moon Gravity

Unlock Venice

In the Hawaii level, find the tiki statue. Jump into its mouth and ride down the tunnel to the end. Get the item to unlock the Venice level.

Unlock Hangar Level

Go to Moscow and find the brown building near the tanks. Go around until you see the side where it is connected to X-mas lights. Climb up and grind the ledge toward the big building opposite of the tanks and jump into a window. Inside is the item that unlocks the level.

Unlock KISS Videos

In the "Hotter than Hell" level, if you collect the letters K-I-S-S, you will unlock a short video of a KISS concert. Then if you collect them again, KISS will perform a live concert.

Unlock Create-A-Deck Mode

To Unlock Create-A-Deck mode, complete Slamma Jamma in story mode.

Wallows Secret

In Hawaii, go to Wallows and get into walking mode. On the left side climb up the fence and jump to the balcony. Don't fall on the ground or else the dogs get you. When you get on the balcony walk to the end of it and jump onto the stone wall. Start walking on that and jump and grind the wooden fences until you see a mini-pipe in a big porch with a fence around it. Jump into there and then you'll get to skate in a mini-pipe.

All FMV sequences

Select "CHeat Codes" at the options menu, then enter "digivid" as a code to unlock all FMV sequences.

Easy goal

In Moscow where you have to do 360 spins over the satellite, turn the cheat moon gravity on and do a 900 spin over it and it will give you like 2 or 3 spins.

Secret Tape Locations

New Jersey - Go to the left side of the bridge; you will see a sidewalk next to the river. Jump down onto it and walk under the bridge.

Manhattan - Go to the Metro Center (the building that is very shiny and made of glass) the tape should be on the sign that says "Welcome".

Tampa - Find the huge building made of windows with two ramps in front of it. Air off one of the ramps (as if you were going to gap between them) and head high between the middle of the ramps.

Hawaii - Climb on top of the Big Surf Hotel and find the side facing the pink hotel. Then go into the corner on the roof next to the quarter pipe and look for a wire. Grind down the wire to the tape.

Vancouver - Find the big bubble thing with flags around it above the hockey rink, then find the quarter pipe next to it. Go out into the street and spine transfer the quarter pipe for speed and then air up to get the tape.

Slam City Jam - Locate the scoreboard in the middle of the stage and the circular platform that goes around it. Grind on the platform and into the bottom of the scoreboard.

Hotter Than Hell - Get onto the inner of two platforms that are high up in the air and head around the platform until there is a part where it starts to rise. Go up that part of the platform and get air to get the tape.

Moon Gravity

Go to options on the main menu then in options select cheats and enter "getitup".

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