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Get the red shirt

To get the red shirt, you have to beat all 21 scenarios in the "play now" mode.

Taunt players in multiplayer mode

When it's your opponents turn then press triangle, square, circle to hear different sounds to taunt your opponent. You can also hold down R1 or R2 while pressing these buttons to hear other taunting sounds.

Fast Mode

When the computer is playing then hold down triangle and the computer player will speed up.

Long Drives

Play the PRO level with any golfer. when it's your turn to make the drive, press and hold the up button immediately after striking the ball.

Increased Distance with Tiger

In the "Play Now" section, you must beat all 21 scenarios to get increased distance with each club with only Tiger Woods. For example, your driver now goes 296 yards instead of 280. It is now possible to get 500+ yard drives!

Always Eagle

While playing in a tournament, during your turn, quickly press up, up, down, down, then hold R1 and R2 and press left, left, right, right.

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