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Everything Is Free

While you are in the game, press [Left, Down, X, Circle] 8 times.

Golden Tickets

While you are in the game, press [Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Down, Up, Circle] 4 times.

Everything is researched

While you are in the game, press [Up, Down, Up, Down, Left, Up, Down, Up] 8 times

All awards

Press [Up, Down, Left, Right, Circle, Right, Left, Down, Up, Circle] five times while in the park. A sound will confirm correct code entry.

Rollercoaster Test Park

Create 10 roller coasters with an ultimate rating to unlock a Rollercoaster Test Park when a starting a new game or reloading a saved game.

Stop ant commentary

Press Triangle when the ant talks to stop it most of the time.

Green award

Build over five shops, with a garbage can within one square of each. Keep a set of highly-skilled Janitors to increase your chances of getting the Green award.

Security award

Set security cameras all over your park so they can see at least 80% to get the Security award.

Aesthetics award

This award probably will not appear until your park is very well developed. Research and build as many new shops and rides as possible. Build at least eight rides and spend more than $3,000 on features.

Upgrade award

Upgrade at least ten of your rides and you will be given the award and a Golden Ticket.

Path Economy award

Build ten rides with using less than 100 squares of path.

Making money early

Build side shows such as Arcade, Gopher Bash, etc. Then, press Circle when the building is highlighted to enter the information screen. Set the chance of winning all the way up, so that the visitors always will win. Next, set the cost of the prize to about $20. Then, set the cost to play to about $40 to $45. Your guests will always win and stay happy, and you will never lose any money. If enough people play you can easily make a nice sum of cash.

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