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Electric Ball

In some parts of the game when you use your electric fighting prod and put it away to use a gun, the game will think you still have it out. When you leave the spot you are standing in, the electric ball at the end of the prod will float in the air. It will stay there until you leave that room.

Turret Gun Zoom

When you get to use a turret gun in certain parts of a level, press L3 to zoom in 3x. This will help you see what you are shooting at, and result in better aim.

How to destroy Robot at end of level 6

Pick up c4 packs laying around then attach them to the steel blocks that come out of the roller machines then blow them up when the robot picks them up.

Making robots shoot upwards

When fighting robots, silver or brown with turrets try to shoot their head. Shoot their until it falls off. Then it will start shooting upwards and after a while explode. Please, do it properly or you are just going to waste your time!

Get "Game Intro" and "Bonus Material" Options

Finish level one using the medium difficulty setting.

Control Intro

Zoom the image by pressing the L1 & R1 keys.

Get Skynet tech Points

Aim for the head and neck of terminator's and enemy's heads. When head's pop off you get skynet points.

How to unlock T800 Threat data

Get all 4 medals on level 3.

How to unlock T400 Threat Data

Complete all training missions under the time limit then press L at the mission finish screen.

How to unlock HK recon Threat Data

Get 4 medals.

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