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Auto Gyro

Successfully complete all levels in sky canvas mode with more than 90 points to unlock the Auto Gyro.


Accumulate enough acrobatic points in adventure mode to have ten of your mission grades marked with circles to unlock the Corsair.

Gold UFO

Successfully complete all levels in target mode with a gold rank to unlock the Gold UFO.


Successfully complete adventure mode to unlock the Me-262.

Silver UFO

Successfully complete all levels in the adventure mode with an A rank to unlock the Silver UFO.

Stealth Fighter

Successfully complete all levels in adventure mode with a total time of 10 minutes or less to unlock the Stealth Fighter.


Successfully complete the Stormy Seas level in adventure mode by landing on an aircraft carrier. The pontoons will allow your aircraft to land on the water.

Custom parts

Successfully complete all adventure mode levels with at least a B rank to unlock custom parts.

Swordfish third wing

Land at the Mid-Air Rendezvous alternate landing strip in adventure mode to find a special third wing that attaches to the Swordfish. With this wing the Swordfish converts into a tri=plane. If you unlock the Special Radar in target mode first, you will find the landing strip more easily.

Shinden parts

There are 4 total Shinden parts hidden in adventure mode. To get these parts, you have to find the alternate landing strips and land there. As with the Swordfish wing, you can find the strips more easily if you first unlock the Special Radar in target mode.

Fuselage: The Towers Of Terror alternate landing strip.
Jet Engine: The Great Divide level alternate landing strip.
Right Wing: The Adventure Begins level alternate landing strip.
Left Wing: The Labyrinth level alternate landing strip.

All Aircraft

At the Aircraft Selection screen, press Square, Circle, L1, R2, Select.

Level Select

At the Mission Selection screen, press X, Triangle, R1, R2, L2.

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