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Ikea On Speed

A fast easy way to laydown wallpaper and tile in a big or small room is by pressing and holding L1 or L2 then pressing X this will lay tile or wallpaper in a second instead of using click and drag.

Two Player unlock

How to use your cheat code: At the start up screen press on R1, R2, L1, L2 at the same time to bring up the cheat menu.

Type in MIDAS and press done.
Start up Get A Life mode
Get into the Hot Tub with the girl
Press Start
Choose Quit
Choose Just Quit
You have unlocked Two-Player

Cheat Mode

To unlock Cheat Mode, press L1+R1+L2+R2 at the main menu. This will unlock the cheat menu, which contains the following:

Freeall: All objects are free.
Midas: Unlock all two-player games, objects and skins.
Party M: Unlock Party Motel game.
Sims: Unlock Play the Sims without going through Get a Life.

Hidden Get A Life objects and modes

You can unlock objects by doing the following things:

Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold: First time you cook a successful dinner in Chapter 1.
Beejaphone Electric Guitar: Get through the house in 24 hours or less in Chapter 1.
Chairmaster Vanity Table: Fix the television after Mom breaks it in Chapter 1.
Coat Of Arms: Get through the house in 4 days or less in Chapter 2.
Electronic Insect Control System: Upgrade house value in Chapter 2.
Frat House in two-player mode: Complete all goals and move out in Chapter 2.
Handyman: Fix everything in the house in Chapter 2.
Head In Curio Jar: Get through the house in 8 days or less in Chapter 3.
Maid: Clean up the house in Chapter 2.
Master Suite Tub: Get a promotion to job level 5 in Chapter 3.
Motel in two-player mode: Throw a raging party in Chapter 3.
Museum in two-player mode: Borrow 800 Simoleons from Mom in Chapter 1.
Park: Feed the bum in Chapter 3.
Perspiraction Executive Treadmill: Get a job in Chapter 1.
Slurp 'n' Burp Beverage Cooler: Get a promotion to job level 2 in Chapter 2.
Strip Poker Table: Get a promotion to job level 4 in Chapter 3.
Teppan'Yaki Table: Get a promotion to job level 3 in Chapter 2.
Tree Swing: Upgrade house value in Chapter 3.

Life Of Crime career path

Prevent a thief from escaping in Get A Life mode to unlock the Life Of Crime career path in all modes.

Easy money

Enable the "Free mode" code, then go to your house and buy a lot of expensive items. After that, save then restart your system. Do not enter the code again, then sell your items back for more money. The best item to do this with is the Monkey Butler Tree, which is worth 15,000 Simoleans. Make a wall parallel to the sidewalk (with the trash can and mail box). Put the most expensive wallpaper on both sides. Then, press Square to sell the wallpaper on one side. If this does not work, try the opposite side. You should be able to sell one side's wallpaper repeatedly.

Regain fun and social levels

Skip work every other day, to the point where they call you but you will not get fired. While you are home, call over some friend(s) and play pool or a cooperative game.

No More Trash

When the sims trash is full click on the buy mode and click on the trash can and press delete and it will give you your money back so then buy a clean trash can.

Prevent a thief from escaping

To prevent the theif from escaping when he comes in enter build mod and build a wall around him. Then call the police when they arrive take the walls down. This will enable you to unlock the career in a life of crime also.

First Person View

Go to the cheat menu (L1+L2+R1+R2) and type in FISH EYE. Then play either game and when your playing and there is no walls (after you Press O 2 times) press O circle again then you will be in the person's view.

Note: There must be a spacing between FISH and EYE.

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