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Get in other people's cars

If you want to do this first you have to get out of the car you're already in, then go up to a car that's driving in the street or get on top of it and wait till you see the Y button icon at the top of the screen and press the Y button there, now you're driving in someone else's car.

Rocket car

In the first level of this game you can find a rocket car. Find the power plant and take the tunnel all the way through. When you arrive out you will see large mansions. Go straight out, turn right, then left and immediately to your left will be a gold house. Walk up to the front gate and you will see a rocket car from that old episode. Get inside with Y. Keep in mind that this car is extremely fast and not so durable so be careful.


Drive through Booths and crates instead of kicking them to get coins faster.

Cheat Codes

In the options menu hold L1+R1 and enter the following:

Code - Effect

Triangle, Triangle, Square, Square - Blow up vehicles in one hit
Square, Square, Square, Square - Faster cars
Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Triangle - Fastest cars
Triangle, X, Triangle, X - Infinite car health
Square, Square, Square, Triangle - Press horn to do a huge leap in your car
Circle, Circle, Circle, X - More camera angles
Circle, X, Circle, Triangle - Grid mode
X, Circle, X, Circle - All reward Cars
X, Square, Square, Triangle - Credits
Triangle, Triangle, Circle, Square - Speedometer display
Circle, Circle, Triangle, Square - Red Brick Car
Triangle, Circle, Triangle, Circle - Tripping mode
X, X, X, X - Night time mode

New Year's theme

Set the system date to January 1st to see various things in the game change to a New Year's theme.

Halloween theme

Set the system date to October 31st to see various things in the game change to a Halloween theme.

Thanksgiving theme

Set the system date to the last hursday in November to see various things in the game change to a Thanksgiving theme.

Christmas theme

Set the system date to December 25th to see various things in the game change to a Christmas theme.

Drive a monster truck

When on Apu's level, you can get a monster truck, Go to Springfield Stadium. Directly next to the fountain is a green monster truck.

Drive Nightboat

When playing as Lisa, drive any car to the pier and look for the huge oil tanker with a Globex sign on one side with a jump in front of it. Jump through the Globex sign and drive to the top. Do not drive off. Park your car next to the little
gap/walkway on the left. Hop out and run up to the first set of crates. Hop up to the very top and shimmy around the ledge. Inside the top crate is the Nightboat.

Drive pink Cadillac

On level 6 with Bart, drive to Planet Hype (right at the beginning of the docks, there is a revolving planet there) and go on the roof. The Pink Cadillac is crashed into the front of the building in a little slot (facing the Squidport sign). Fall off the
front of Planet Hype, land on the Cadillac, get in, and drive it.

Drive RC car

On the final level as Homer, drive to where the firetruck is a long ramp. As you jump off it, look off to the side. You will see a little car with an antenna. Slowly drive up past where the truck attaches to the ladder/ramp then drive fast towards the building with mildew under the roof. You could also climb up the other firetruck that is in the wreckage next to the building. Jump on the ladder, then go up to the top of the firetruck. Next, go over the side of the roof with the horizontal wood, then to the top of the roof with the RC car.

Drive a rocket car

In Homer's first level, drive to the power plant at the back of the town. Then, drive through the power plant. Once you reach the end, keep going along the road and on the left, in front of one of the big houses, you will find a blue and white rocket car that you can drive around.

Multi-player racing game

Collect all the cards in one level to unlock the multi-player racing mini game.

Giant chessboard

On Homer's first level, drive into the nuclear power plant. You will soon find a blocked passage. Get out of your car, jump on the metal things, and double jump then press Square to break it. Inside are more than 100 coins. When in, hit all of the chess people, get the coins, and knock down the trees for a nice amount of coins. Note: This place is huge and you cannot get your car in it.


When in Homer's level, drive through Mr. Burn's factory. At the end, take a right and a quick left to get in front of a blue house. In the backyard, you will see a space shuttle that you will be able to use and fly over the city. There will be an
alien in the UFO that you can talk to. It tells you how to use the shuttle.

Easy money

Get the rocket car in front of one of the mansions. After you drive around and it gets destroyed, make sure you remember where you left it. Then, look for one of the wrenches and get it while out of a car. The rocket car will now return. You can smash it again and keep getting money as many times as desired.

Enable the "Invincibility" and "Instant vehicle explosions" codes. Drive around town, hitting all the cars you can. You will get $10 for every car that you explode.

Note: This will cause a hit and run; watch out for the cops.

One of the best ways to get money is to smash cars/objects and collect the coins, but you will inevitably get a Hit And Run and have to avoid the cops. There is a way to avoid this and collect all the coins desired. First, intentionally incite a Hit And Run. Next, press Start and go to the mission selection screen. Choose any mission. When you return to the game, the police lights are still flashing around the radar but there are no police chasing you. You can smash up everything in sight for as long desired and no police will ever bother you. The only thing you have to do is keep the police lights flashing around the radar. If you let the Hit And Run end, you will have to start the trick over again.

Enable the "Instant vehicle explosions" code then crash some cars. You should get some coins for each car.

Burning rubber

When you are about to start a new game, go to options menu and enable the "Fast cars" and "Red brick car" codes. In Homer's first level, get the rocket car and it will be the little red brick car. Get in it then hold L1 until you are at a complete stop. Keep L1 held and you will start to skid flames for a moment.

Alternate character reactions

When you buy different costumes, in each level the character you select will react differently when you allow him or her to remain idle. For example, choosing Bartman will have Bart jump up and fly around for a few seconds.

Different Camera

At the main menu (the livingroom), go to the options screen. Hold down L1+R1, then press CIRCLE, CIRCLE, CIRCLE, X to activate the cheat. A horn will confirm entry.

Drive an ATV

On Marge's level go to the trailer park. Behind one of the trailers is an ATV.

Get All Terrain Vehicle

On Marge's level go to the trailer park, behind one of the trailers is an ATV.

Drive monorail car in Bart's level

Go to the divider in the middle of the street near the giant glass tube (sit and rotate place) then go up the stairs there will be a beaten up monorail train. Jump over to the front and press Triangle and you will be driving the monorail car.

Four Wheeler

On level 4 with Marge, go into the Trailer Park by the bridge. Look in th back yards of the trailers, and you should find a four wheeler. P.S. You can drive it!

Cop Escape

When Hit & Run comes up on your screen and you want to get away here are many ways how to:

The Throw-Back-drive on the left side of the road slowly. The cars the come to you will drive out of your way creating a barrier for the "cops".

Raging Round-up-Hold R1, X and left also put the "Blow Up Cars In 1 Hit Cheat On" the "cops" that come to you will just blow-up.
*Note:that cheat doesn't always work*

The Smashing Wall-Make sure you are in a car with good handling. If a "cop" is on your tail drive up to a wall fast, quickly hold R1 and turn out of the way of the wall.

Stuipid Cops-Put on the blow-up cars in 1 hit cheat on. Beside the Simpson's house there is a playground. Go to the playground and drive through the BUZZ COLA glass sign wait behind the house. The police will drive straight into the wall of the house!
*Note: If a "cop" goes down by the playground drive into it*

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