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Double-Jump Spring: Press X(2) while jumping.
Football Helmet: Hold Square.
Bunny Slippers and Lampshade: Press R2.
Walk with Bunny Slippers: Hold R2 and walk in any direction.

Holiday Bonuses

Change the PlayStation 2 system date to one of the following entries to see special things at the front yard and the mystic playground:

January 1: Different fireworks.
July 4: Fireworks and other things.
October 31: Giant bats over door for decoration.
December 25: Snow.

All Power-Ups

After pausing the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Circle, Square, Square(2), Circle(2), Square, Circle(3).

All FMV Sequences

After pausing the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square(3), Circle(3), Square, Circle, Square.

View Credits

After pausing the game, hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 and press Square, Circle(2), Square, Circle, Square.

Location Of The Umbrella

Go to "Gloom & Doom Down in the Tomb" part three and beat the green ghost and you'll save Daphne, meet Polly, and get the umbrella.

Location Of The Helmet

You can find the helmet on the top of the mountain in the level Chills and Thrills on Haunted Hill part 3.

Defeating Master Mind

He will send out robots and space kooks. Defeat them and when the electric field is down, ram the red switches, Keep repeating this until he falls off his platform. Then, dodge his robots and supersmash them. When the electric field is down again, ram the two red switches and repeat two more times.

Defeating The Green Ghost

Daphne will open coffins. When the Green Ghost hovers over an open coffin, Super Slam the switch.

Beat Red Beards Ghost

Avoid the white ghosts, then bounce on the ghosts with the rainhats on. Stand next to a corner rope after you defeat the ghost, because Red Beard will throw his sword and cut the rope. Do this in all 4 corners and the treasure chest over his head will kill him.

The Hedge & The Helmet

When riding with Shaggy through the thorny ground, you can sit beside Shaggy and duck under some of the obstacles. This works especially well with the Gargoyles that breathe fire. When you get through the hedge, you have to climb the mountain- and that's where the Helmet is. Watch out for the shaky platforms, falling boulders and the Scarecrows.

Get To Creepy Crawlies In The Hallways

First go to smugglers cove then go to shock on the dock part II. There is a pile of planks near the warp gate. Do a thunder smash on it and then you will get to creepy crawlies in the hallways.

Location Of The Springs

It's located on pier on the pier part 2.

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