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Bone dice

After one turn, conquer two continents to unlock the death dice. Note: You must not have control of any territory on either continent at the start of that turn.

Infinite Armies

Once you get three cards that you can cash in, cash them in on the pause screen but do not unpause. Then go back to your RISK cards. They are still there! Keep repeating to have as many armies as you want.

Unlocking Characters

To unlock Secret characters, beat the game by killing someone that had contact with that secret character in real history. For Example, Catherine the Great fought Napoleon, so to unlock Napoleon, beat Catherine the Great to win a game. Simon Bolivar kicked Ferdinand out of South America. So beat Ferdinand to win a game unlocks Simon Bolivar.


**Pontiac-Defeat Washington to win a game
**Napoleon-Defeat Catherine to win a game
**Shaka Zulu-Defeat Gordon to win a game
**Lakshmi Bai-Defeat Clive to win a game
**Simon Bolivar-Defeat Ferdinand to win a game
**Pangeran Diponegoro-Capture 100 career territories


To unlock secret character's uniforms, defeat them to win a game.

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