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Hard Mode

Complete normal difficulty game.

Once Upon a Time In China and Fist of Legend costumes

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Young Kit Yun and Young Michelle FMVs

Complete the game on any difficulty.

Unlock all features and movies

Beat the game once and you get all the features and movies.

Defeating hospital room guards

Some of the guards in the hospital rooms can be big and strong, yet quick and fast. The easiest way to take them out is to do a counter (R1 +L1 + Right Analog-stick) immediately followed buy dunking their head in the sink via Grab.

Defeating the final Boss

To defeat the final Boss, on the first stage just try to attack. During the second stage, grab him to get the gas mask. In the third stage, counter each move. He will dodge each move but you will eventually do a jump and kick him multiple times in the air. There are going to be three stages during the final Boss battle. During the first stage, counter every move that he makes and eventually you will defeat him. In the second stage, you must go up to him. This is easiest when he is turned around. Then, press R1 + Left Analog-stick Forward to grab his gas mask. Eventually he will give up. In the third and final stage you must first counter him and knock him down. Then, before he gets up, keep attacking him using L1 as much as possible, before he has a chance to stand up and block your moves. You must keep fighting before he stands to block you. Try to trap him in the far right corner of the balcony, as this is slightly easier.

Security Breach level: Conversation about game

Go slightly into the level. Eventually you will end up behind two of the security guards standing next to each other. Before killing them, sneak up behind them and listen. The one on the left will be talking about his son, and how he wants the Jet Li
Rise To Honor game. Note: In order to kill the two guards, you must throw the trash can at the one on the left, then quickly chop the other so that he will not call for back-up.

Extra adrenaline

Hold the Left Analog-stick in any direction after you finish a combo. Jet Li will strike a pose and your bar will increase.

Extra Jet Li Skins

Complete the game once to unlock Once Upon a Time in China and Fist of Legend skins.

Never Die

Pause game play, then press L2, L3, R3, L2(2), L1, L3, R2.

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