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Beat The Uber Soldat

To beat the Uber Soldat, don't use the Venom machine gun, it is not very effective. Use any sniper rifle and just keep shooting at the solider. When you need to reload or need help, jump off the second floor thing onto the first with the Super Solider and go right where there is a table with health. You can hide there because the Super Solider won't go that far to find you. Then get a good angle and start shooting at the Uber Soldat until it's dead. When the Solider dies, be careful of the regular Nazi Soldiers.

Wolfenstein 3D

Successfully complete single player campaign mode to unlock the original Wolfenstein 3D.

Peeking around corners

Click and hold the Left Analog-stick while moving it left or right. The only problem is that you cannot shoot.

Head shots

Turn off the automatic aim option to get a good head shot. Otherwise, you will lock on to the enemy's body.

Airstrike in multi-player mode

A lieutenant can call in an airstrike by pressing Zoom, then pulling the trigger on where you want the bombs to drop. There is a ten second delay.

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