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Full Health

While playing, press Select, Up, Left, Down, Right, Up, Up, Down, Down, Circle, Circle.

All Weapons

While playing, press Select, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Square, Square.

Secret Roof Location in Lobby Multiplayer Map

You can actually get up on the roof of the Lobby (where there is the giant skylight) to find a Fusion Rocket Launcher and a Rail Driver, as well as a great sniping spot. To get there, first go up to the second level of the area where you are able to pick up the Rocket Launcher. Next arm that weapon and aim for the corner of the wall where the skylight begins. Fire off rockets to punch a hole into the ceiling and the wall. Continue to fire rockets until you form a small alcove where you can then jump up onto the roof.

Once you are up there, you can grab a Fusion Rocket Launcher at one end of the skylight, and a Rail Driver at the other end.

Unlock everything

At the main menu, hold select and press left, right,up, down, circle, triangle, square, x. If you enter the code in correctly, the screen will turn blue.

Easy kills

Throw a remote mine on an enemy. If it hits, they will scream and run around instead of shooting you. Let them run around and eventually they will try to find guards. When they do, detonate the bomb to get two or more frags for one.

Avoid detection

In the single player game, there are two locations where you have to be stealthy. One is when you pretend you are a businessman and the other is when you have to pretend to be a scientist. To make it easier to avoid detection from guards or other pedestrians, always look down or away from people. No one will learn your identity until you look them in the face.

Getting health

When low on energy, kill worker doctors and even Red Faction men to pick up more health and Environment Suits.

Badlands: Bottom of level

In this level, there are natural bridges over a giant pit which if you fall, you will usually die. Use the following trick to get to the bottom without dying. This will be difficult if you have more than two bots. It is recommended that you try this alone first. Find the rocket launcher that is next to a bridge. Go on the bridge and face the flat wall that leads to the bottom. At a 45 degree angle, start blowing holes downwards until you have almost reached the bottom. You now have to jump and try to make it into the first hole you created. .You will lose some health here from the fall. Once you are there, go backwards out of the hole and slowly drop down to the next hole. Repeat this pattern until you get to the bottom. Save at least 1 rocket so you can kill yourself -- the bots will not be able to get to you. This is difficult to do when playing against bots because of them shooting at you. Set the timer to 30 minutes. Take a lot of weapons such as the Rail Driver and the Sniper Rifle with you. Start blowing up the natural bridges from the bottom. Do not do it completely, but just enough to watch all the bots plunge to their deaths.

Blasted Canyon: Sniper hole

You will start in one of the two blue boxes on the sides. Use a rocket launcher to tunnel down. Take about two shots in the back, then down about two to three shots. After that, just shoot out the walls in front (that the windows on the blue gate objects are) until you see light. Peek out and you can see the level below your box. Note: You may die a few times before accomplishing this. In multi-player mode, select the Blasted Canyon level. When the game starts, look out onto the field and turn right at the wall. Get a rocket launcher and begin blasting the wall. Soon it will be large enough for you too fit in. Get inside, look down, and shoot a rocket (killing yourself). When you go back in, you should be under the floor. Begin blasting out some of the rock under the floor (killing yourself in the process.) After awhile you will have a cave under the floor. If you wish to make a sniper point, blast (under the floor) towards the field. You will soon see light, in which case you should blast open more until you can see the field. Note: Always bring a rocket launcher down with you, in the event you get stuck there is no getting out.

Installation XJ5: Hidden pit

In the deathmatch Installation XJ5, you can get outside to the pit. Grab the rocket launcher and jump down, then turn left. Note the archway above. Blast a hole in the wall below the doorway and start building a tunnel straight to the open window. Just going to the archway above and blasting around the window does not work due to an invisible wall. Once you make the tunnel all the way through, you can look down into the pit below, If you drop down, you will always die. Turn to the left or right and blast a hole big enough to jump into (make the hole on the outside of the wall). Jump into the hole, then make another hole directly in front of you but down slightly. Now that you have made another hole, jump into it. Make sure the hole is not too far down, or you will die from the fall. Repeat this process until you have reached the bottom of the pit. Note: It is next to impossible to get back up once you are down there.

Secret Rooms in Multiplayer Mode

There are secret rooms on every level (except for Blasted Canyon). Pick a level to play at and start the game. To find these rooms, get any kind of explosive weapon (example: rocketlauncher). In every level there is some kind of writing on the walls (except for Blasted Canyon) ranging from spray paint griffiti, to posters, and to spray painted Xs. If you find one of these writings on the walls, fire a shot from your explosive weapon at it (or place a charge on the writing). After you have shot the wall, you will see that you made a hole; inside of the hole is a secret room. If you are unable to fit through the hole, blast another part of the wall off to make the hole bigger. Inside of the secret rooms you will find weapons (examples: fusion launcher, rail driver, charges, flamethrower, etc.).

Blasted Canyon

In multiplayer mode, blast a whole in your roof,with the rocket launcher, behind one of the beams. You can now lob your rockets into the windows of your oponent without them even seeing you. Its a perfect way to destroy without exposing yourself! Without this method, your rockets will never reach your oponents building.

Secret fishing holes

When you first start a new game, go to the first hole on your left and go to the end of it. There will be a small hole where you will be able to see into. Go forward in the game and get a rocket launcher or mines and return. You will be able to get in the hole, swim, and shoot the fish down inside. Go out over the pit where there is a group of guards and the tank that will shoot at you if you do not blow up the bridge. Go down the tunnel and it will lead to a open area, where after you kill all the guards, an elevator will come down. Immediately above the elevator is hole that is difficult to see. Go left of the elevator, go up the hill, and go into the hole. It will lead you around until you get to a large open room with a lot of water with fish, bats flying around the roof, plants on the wall, and a dead miner at the bottom (where there will also be Extra Life and Extra Body Armor).

Guard suicide

When a new game is started, you would usually follow a fellow miner, hear them talk, and then fight each other. Instead of listening to them talk, go right past them. One of the soldiers will start firing at you. Immediately after he starts firing, place your fellow miner in between yourself and the firing guard. Your fellow miner will die, leaving the guard he was talking to start talking to himself, fighting himself, and then killing himself.

Enter and walk around the driller

When you find the driller and get inside it, drive it out until you can get out and walk around to the back. When facing the back, jump up onto the back of driller. This may require several attempts. You will then be able to walk around on top of the driller, but half of you will be inside it. Keep moving around on the top until you fall in. You will now be able to walk around inside the shell of the driller. To get back out, go toward the front and press X to drive it then press X again and you will appear back outside of the driller.

Avoid detection

In the single player game, there are two locations where you have to be stealthy. One is when you pretend you are a businessman and the other is when you have to pretend to be a scientist. To make it easier to avoid detection from guards or other pedestrians, always look down or away from people. No one will learn your identity until you look them in the face.

100% accuracy

To get 100% accuracy with any gun, including the heavy machine gun, just hold the D-pad up to aim. When you shoot, the bullets will always hit their mark, even if you hold down the shoot button with an automatic gun.

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