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Completion Bonuses

Successfully complete the game to unlock bounty hunter mode and hard mode.

Cheat Mode

Play through the game in bounty hunter mode to unlock various cheats, including 'Invincibility', 'Infinite Deadeye', 'Golden Gun' (one hit kills), 'Bite the Bullet', 'Sad Stars', 'No HUD', 'No Distortion', 'Show Player Position', 'Show AI Info', and 'Big Money'.

Man With No Name

When starting a new game, instead of entering a name use the spacebar right to make a blank entry. When you enter this, it starts a character named 'Rstar'. In some of the stores some items show up as already sold to you.

Defeating The Exploding Dynamite Boss

On the level with the exploding dynamite Boss, sneak around and hide so that he does not see you. Bongo music will play when he is on your tail. Then, shoot him with the rifle in the back. This surprises him (the game will say 'You surprised him!'). Then, power on through with as many shots as possible to get his life down. Repeat the hiding routine, then sneak shot again. Do npt use combos, as they do not really effect him much. Just power on through with single shots; because the first one stuns and the successive ones hurt him. Also, when he is on your tail and is going to blow you up, do a sidestep or one of those rolls to get out of the way. The area with the low cement walls works well if you duck down.

All Showdown Characters and Journal Pages

Buy every item.

Red wood revolver and very hard mode

Complete the game on hard mode.


Complete the bounty hunter goal on Fall from Grace.

Infinite Deadeye

Beat the Battle Finale on bounty hunter.


Beat the Stagecoach level on bounty hunter.

Sad Stars

Beat The Mine on bounty hunter.

No Distortion

Beat End of the Line on bounty hunter.

Bite the Bullet

Beat Fort Diego on bounty hunter.

Golden Gun

Beat The Siege on bounty hunter.

Defeating Grizzly

When you fight grizzly, shoot him as many times as possible. When he comes close to you hide behind a totem-pole. Keep walking around the totem-pole, making sure you keep it between you and grizzly, after a while he will get bored and walk away. Shoot him in the back as many times as possible when he is walking away.

Beat pig josh

To beat pig josh all you need to do is jump on to the roof that Jack is on and get on top of little shack thing. After that you will have a perfect view of Josh. If he tries to come up the stairs he will most likely blow himself out of the shack leaving him vulnerable for attack.

Defeating Sam

After you kill Sam's henchmen, he will jump down to the first floor. When he begins charging at you, dodge him so that he hits the wall. Sam will be stunned, so turn around and use dead eye to hit him many times. Do this a few times until Sam is defeated.

Scorpion Revolver

Just beat the game once on any difficulty. To use the gun start a new game. It will appear on the weapon select screen.

Beating Bad Bessie

Before the mission starts put the owl rifle in your arsenal when you get to the part where you have to kill her shoot all of her henchmen with the pistols not the owl rifle lay it on her with the owl rifle and use a few Dead Eyes and she should die.

Game Modes

Hard Mode: Beat Story Mode
Very Hard Mode: Beat Hard Mode
Red Wood Revolver Mode: Beat Very Hard Mode

Red Wood Revolver Mode allows you to play and Manny Quinn, a wooden dummy found in the back of the brimstone Gun Shop. Manny Quinn?s Dead Eye skill lights him on fire and he is able to burn enemies.

Power Ups

Speak to Jack 5 times in Brimstone 3 and he will sell you health power-ups.
Talk to girls in the tub upstairs in Saloon Fight, they sell you a health power-up.
Talk to the girl in the Jailbreak twice after you rescue her, she will see you a health power-up.
Talk to the paper boy in Brimstone 4, he sells you a dead eye power up.

Battle Tip

When fighting enimies (especially bosses) aim for their head it causes tremendous damage and can sometimes kill in one shot. When your not behind a wall keep moving so it is harder for your enimies to hit you.

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