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Action Replay Codes

0E3C7DF2 1853E59E EE8D96E2 BCBA0372

Infinite Health
F182D0A2 BCA99B4B

Max Score/Unlock Bonuses

Always 5 Geezers Rescued
0182D7EE BCA99B83 F182D7EE BCA99B88

Wide Angle Mode

Bonus Games
Always 40-0: Racket Jump
01758866 BCA99B83 D1758866 BCA99B86 D1758862 BCA99B83

Always 99 Hits: Crush

No Reload: Razoff Circus
F1794ABE BCA99B89

Infinite Health: Sentinel
C1504E36 BCA99BFB

Infinite Retries: Commando
F10BB350 BCA99B86

Extra Energy

Energy is increased for every six cages collected. There are 60 cages in the game.

Heavy Metal Fist

If you have heavy metal fist, you don't need to power up your punch to open piggy banks.

Rayman 2 Reference

In the Hoodlum's factory, get to the place where you have to jump across crates to get to the other side. Once there, keep going up. You will eventually reach a location with a switch to activate the lifts to get to this second "conveyor belt". On those lifts, get pretty well up to the top. There is a hole in the side of a huge "pipe". Jump and helicopter over there and go in. You will see some of the villains from Rayman 2, including Admiral Razorbeard and his other cronies.

Razzof Circus Mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 6000 game points.

Crush Mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 4000 game points.

Racket Jump Mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 3000 game points.

Rayman 2-D Madness Mini-game

Collect jewels during the game to get 1000 game points.

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