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Cheat Codes

Enter the following at the password screen:

Boston : First Person Mode
Foxy : Top Down Mode
Dino : Unlimited Goodies
Fatty : Defiance
Muffin : Guard Size
Quincy : Guard Perception
Dt : Date
alltimes : All Events In The Day
coretimes : Core Events
ger1eng5 : All chapters
defaultm : Only 1rt Chapter
farleymydog : Only Core Current Events
Togsavecan : Unknown

Alcohol and cigarettes

Always get alcohol and cigarettes when they are found while exploring the camp. They are required to bribe guards and to get objects and services from other prisoners. They can also be used in exchange for your confiscated equipment.


Search rubble piles to find rocks. Press X while in first person view to throw rocks to distract guards. You can only carry a maximum of 15.

Nazi uniforms

If you wear the Nazi uniform while exploring the camp, stay way from higher ranking Nazis. They will be able to detect your disguise.

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