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Movie Theater Clips

To view clips from the game, Dino Thunder (TV Show) or Ninja Storm (TV Show), you must complete Bonus Game Missions with the corresponding Zords:

Effect - Code

Footage of Cephalazord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Cephalazord Bonus Game
Footage of Crimson Insectazord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Crimson Insectazord Bonus Game
Footage of Dimetrozord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Dimetrozord Bonus Game
Footage of Dimetrozord attaching to Thundersaurus Megazord - Complete Mission 23
Footage of Dolphinzord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Dolphinzord Bonus Game
Footage of Hawkzord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Hawkzord Bonus Game
Footage of Lionzord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Lionzord Bonus Game
Footage of Navy Beetlezord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Navy Beetlezord Bonus Game
Footage of Parasaurzord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Parasaurzord Bonus Game
Footage of Pterazord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Pterazord Bonus Game
Footage of Samurai Star Megazord (Ninja Storm) - Complete any Samurai Star Megazord Bonus Game
Footage of the last scene (In game) - Complete Mission 24 (beating the game)
Footage of the opening scene (In game) - Always Available
Footage of Thundersaurus Megazord transforming (In game) - Complete Mission 12
Footage of Tricerazord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Tricerazord Bonus Game
Footage of Tyrannozord (Dino Thunder) - Complete any Tyrannozord Bonus Game

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