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Cheat Codes

Enter these codes on the versus screen. The numbers tell how many times press the Square, Triangle and Circle buttons. For example, 5-2-5 means: Press Square 5 times. Press Triangle 2 times. Press Circle 5 times.

Infinite turbo 4-1-3 Right
Turbo boost 0-0-2 Up
No crowd 2-1-0 Right
Hockey Ball 1-3-3 Left
Pinball boards 4-2-3 Right
Domino effect 0-1-2 Right
Win fights for goals 2-0-2 Left
Show shot speed 1-0-1 Up
Big hits 2-3-4 Down
Show hot spot 2-0-1 Up
Tennis ball 1-3-2 Down
Big head player 2-0-0 Right
Huge head player 3-0-0 Right
Late hits 3-2-1 Down
Rain mode 1-4-1 Left
Skills versus 2-2-2 Down
Hitz time 1-0-4 Right
Bulldozer puck 2-1-2 Left
First to 7 wins 3-2-3 Left
Huge puck 3-2-1 Up
Snow mode 1-2-1 Left
More code time 3-3-3 Right
Big puck 1-2-1 Up
Ignore previous code 0-1-0 Down
Big head team 2-2-0 Left
Huge head team 3-3-0 Left
No fake shots 4-2-4 Down
No puck out 1-1-1 Down
No one-timers 2-1-3 Left

Easy credits

Select the All-Star difficulty setting and start a game. Switch the difficulty to Rookie during the game. You will get the credits from playing an All-Star difficulty for playing the CPU at the Rookie difficulty.

More skill competition levels

Successfully complete all of the skills in a competition level to unlock an additional level.

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