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Barenaked Ladies players

Enter one of the following names at the Create Player screen: Jim Creeggan, Kevin Hearn, Ed Robertson, Steven Page, and Tyler Stewart. The game will create players that look like the members of the Barenaked Ladies.

The Big Faceoff

When your in the other team's zone and you have a faceoff, win the faceoff with the guy in the corner and if there's no guy in the corner just win the faceoff with the guy in back of you. As soon as you win the faceoff shoot the puck and you can get the rebound and score. I did this and I scored 10 goals with Leclair from the flyers. This could help you win a lot of games.

Score From Your Own End After Winning a Face-off

When taking a neutral zone face-off on your side of center when it's back to your player closes to the boards (and your blueline), hold the shot button so he winds up, don't release, he will shoot eventually and most likely score! the goalie will just watch it as it dips into the bottom corner.

Get NHL Cards Easier

Play at home with team U.S.A. or team canada and play ether Atlanta, or vancouver.If you do that, you would probably get 15 credits a game.

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