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Cheat Mode

Enter one of the following codes at the "Easter Egg" screen to enable the corresponding cheat effect.

Effect Code

Bayside Park stadium FOGGY
Coliseum (alt) stadium MAXIMVS
CVN-99 stadium FLATTOP
Desert stadium TUMBLEWEED
Easter Egg Island (alt) stadium LAVA
Easter Egg Island stadium SNEAKYTIKI
Emerald stadium GRUNGE
Hanger stadium UFO
High Bluff stadium HACIENDA
I-989 stadium INTERSTATE
Space Station Redzone (alt) stadium TOBOR
Space Station Redzone stadium ALPHA
Temple of Apep (alt) stadium FANG
Temple of Apep stadium COBRA

Emerald Stadium

Beat a season undefeated and win the national championship, then you'll get a message that says "enter tobor for Emerald Stadium." Then cycle through the different fields at the scrimmage menu until you reach a field that has a yellow symbol on top. Choose that then enter the code.

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