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Get Classic Teams

Beat the College Classic Games.

Get Stadiums & Cheat

Finish different levels of your EA Sports BIO to get the item indicated. One way to grow the bio is after you create a EA Sports Bio leave the game running and you will log hours to grow your Bio.

Level 2 - Get Rose Bowl Pennant & unlock Stadium
Level 4 - get Butter Fingers Pennant & Unlock Cheat
Level 8 - Get Orange Bowl Pennant & unlock stadium

Touchdown Celebrations

When you score a touchdown and the word touchdown first appears, enter the following buttons combinations:

Code - Effect

L2+X - Heisman Trophy pose
R2+Square - Dunk on goal post
R2+Triangle - Punch ball towards crowd
R2+Circle - Kick ball into crowd
L2+Square - Spike ball,points to crowd and hits chest
L2+Triangle - Bows to crowd
L2+Circle - Spikes ball and shrugs shoulders
R2+X - Throws ball into crowd

SMU vs. BYU Made Easy

In the College Classic Mode, make the SMU Vs. BYU game much easier by turning off penalties in the Pause Menu. This way, you can kick very short onside kicks (which are easier to recover) and not get penalized.

Easy EA Bio Growth

Once you create an EA Sports Bio, just leave the system on with the game running, and you will log hours to grow the levels of your EA Sports Bio.

Easier College Classics

To ensure your success at the College Classics challenges, start a game, then go to the AI Settings in the Settings menu (from the pause screen). Set all of the CPU's offensive and defensive skills as low as they can go. You can also change any penalties you'd like. We suggest turning off defensive pass intereference if the Classic you're trying to beat involve any sort of pass defense.

Easy passing or rushing yards

To get easy passing yards, select Hail Mary - 5 wide. Scramble out of the pocket to the left (You have to do his at the beginning of the play). One of the Cornerback's or Linebacker's should commit to you and that leaves a receiver open or if they don't you can scramble easily for a first down. This should work at least every 8/10.

All Stadium Pennants

A complete list of all 30 unlockable stadiums:

#212 Alamo Bowl
#213 AXA Liberty Bowl
#214 Capital One Bown
#215 Continental Tire Bowl
#216 Cotton Bowl
#217 Fiesta Bowl
#218 Fort Worth Bowl
#219 Gator Bowl
#220 GMAC Bowl
#221 Hawaii Bowl
#222 Holiday Bowl
#223 Houston Bowl
#224 Humanitarian Bowl
#225 Independence Bowl
#226 Insight Bowl
#227 Las Vegas Bowl
#228 Motor City Bowl
#229 Music City Bowl
#230 New Orleans Bowl
#231 Orange Bowl
#232 Outback Bowl
#233 Peach Bowl
#234 Rose Bowl
#235 San Francisco Bowl
#236 Silicon Valley Classic
#237 Sugar Bowl
#238 Sun Bowl
#239 Tangerine Bowl
#240 EA SPORTS Stadium
#241 Tiburon Stadium

Unlockable All-Time Teams

A complete list of all 37 unlockable All-Time Teams:

#242 2002 All-Americans
#243 2001 All-Americans
#244 2000 All-Americans
#245 1999 All-Americans
#246 1998 All-Americans
#247 1997 All-Americans
#248 1996 All-Americans
#249 1995 All-Americans
#250 1994 All-Americans
#251 1993 All-Americans
#252 1992 All-Americans
#253 1991 All-Americans
#254 All-Alabama
#255 All-Auburn
#256 All-Clemson
#257 All-Colorado
#258 All-Florida
#259 All-FSU
#260 All-Georgia
#261 All-Iowa
#262 All-LSU
#263 All-Miami
#264 All-Michigan
#265 All-Nebraska
#266 All-North Carolina
#267 All-Notre Dame
#268 All-Ohio State
#269 All-Oklahoma
#270 All-Penn State
#271 All-Pittsburgh
#272 All-Tennesee
#273 All-Texas
#274 All-Texas A&M
#275 All-UCLA
#276 All-USC
#277 All-Virginia Tech
#278 All-Washington

Easy punt blocks

To block punts, its easier to turn the offsides penalty off to get a head start on the offensive line. Choose a corner or a running back (someone that is fast enough and tall enough) and do one of the two; blitz the kicker and tackle him, which takes yardage off your opponent's rushing yards in the game, or jump and block the kick. This is not a play that works all of the time. However it usually works in the punt return play, and not the punt block play. Also, it never hurts to use a little play action once every series or so.

Longer punts

Choose to punt out of bounds left or right. The defense will not go into punt coverage. Simply move the arrow to the middle of the field and just boom it. If a returner does get back in time to field it, he will muff it most of the time. This
works great for making sure the opposing team has a long field to work with, as well as getting your Punter All-American status.

Cornerback commentary

If you go to the rosters, you can edit a player's ranking skills. Set catching, carrying, and speed as high as possible for a cornerback and you can make him an effective wide receiver for your team. However, if he drops a pass Lee Corso will say " He's better at deflecting passes than catching them!" Note: Corso only says this if he was not already set as a receiver. The message usually is heard with a created cornerback put into the WR position.

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