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How To Play With Just Blaze

If you want to play with Just Blaze type in last name Goodbeats, and a message will come up.

Play as Fabolous

When you are creating a player, under the last name, put in GHETTOFAB and press X. The game will notify it is a cheatcode, and fabolous will be in the free agent pool.

Play As Busta Rhymes

Heres how to play with Busta Rhymes. Go to Make a Player. Then go to LAST name and type in FLIPMODE and a messege will come up.

Play As Hot Karl

Heres how to play with Hot Karl. Go to Make a Player. Then go to LAST name and type in CALIFORNIA and a messege will come up.

Play As DJ Clue

Heres how to play as DJ Clue. Just go to Make a Player. Then go to Last name and type in MIXTAPES. Then a messege will come up.

Play As B.Rich

Heres how to play with B.Rich. Go to Make a player. Then go to LAST name and type in DOLLABILLS. Then a messege will come up. His Overalls is all ready 99!

Play As Jermaine Dupri

Create a plaer and put SOSODEF as his last name.

Play As 50 Cent

To play as 50 Cent, type in "thenewbreed" and a message will appear.

Play as Snoop Dog

Go to Make a Player. Then Type in LAST NAME SNOOPYbg and a messege will come up.

Free Agents for Draft Picks

After your first season of a dynasty and after the first offseason, the premium free agents will still be available. Sign them for 1 year minimum and then trade them for a first round draft choice.

Play As Chingy

Go to "Create A Player" and put in JACKPOT as the last name and Ching will appear in the free agent pool...have fun!

Unlock New Lebron James shoes

Enter the following in the Cheat Menu: 23lbjnumb1.

Cheat List

Go to My NBA Live, then NBA Codes. Enter the following codes to unlock the corresponding stuff:

Stuff - Code

All Hardwood Classics jerseys - 725JKUPLMM
All NBA gear - ERT9976KJ3
All shoes - POUY98GY5
All team gear - YREY5625WQ
Store points - 87843H5F9P

Free Free Throws

If you mess up on your free throw (the lines are not aligned) press START before the next ball lands and then go to Controller Select, press X, then press either START or X again to go on "Ready!" to resume the game. Your free throw lines should reset and you can shoot your free throws over again (thus getting a free retry).

Unlock Hidden Players

On the Main Menu, select Team Management. Then select Roster Management, and go to Create Player. Enter the codes as the Last Name of your created player to unlock them.

Code - Player

WHSUCPOI-Aleksander Pavlovic
POCKDLEK-Andreas Glyniadakis
SDFGURKL-Carlos Delfino
SOSODEF-Jermaine Dupri
OEISNDLA-Kyle Korver
POSNEGHX-Mario Austin
SKENXIDO-Malick Badiane
BBVDKCVM-Matt Bonner
ZXDSDRKE-Nedzad Sinanovic
QWPOASZX-Paccelis Morlende
ITNVCJSD-Remon Van De Hare
POILKJMN-Rick Rickert
ZXCCVDRI-Sani Becirovic
IOUBFDCJ-Sofoklis Schortsanitists
POIOIJIS-Szymon Szewczyk
XCFWQASE-Tommy Smith
WMZKCOI-Xue Yuyang

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