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Atomic Engine Alpha

Destroy 100 destroyer ships to unlock the Atomic Engine Alpha.

2-Hull Crusier

Destroy 100 transport ships to unlock the 2-Hull Crusier.

203mm Chain Gun

Destroy 100 aircraft to unlock the 203mm Chain Gun.

Charged Particle Gun 3

When you sink 100 Battleships you get the guided Charged Particle Gun 3. This is a optical weapon with the following stats: Offensive 1300, Weight 600 and price of 59000 and can be mounted on any ship type.

Atomic Engine E

This is unlocked when you sink 500 destroyers.

Enigmatech Atli

This is unlocked by sinking 100 subs. This is an auxiliary movement system with the following stats. Top Speed +10%, Rudder response +1, Controlablity +25%, Endurance +500.

Hints Collection

203mm Chain Gun: Destroy 100 Aircraft.
2-Hull Battleship: Kill 500 transports
2-Hull Cruiser: Destroy 100 transport ships.
356mm Chain Gun: Destroy 500 enemy aircraft.
406mm Chain Gun: Destroy 999 enemy aircraft.
46cm 60-Caliber Gun: Destroy 100 PT boats.
Astral Railgun: Beat level D-9 collecting all parts you should get at least one.
Atomic Engine Alpha: Destroy 100 enemy destroyers.
Atomic Engine E: Sink 500 enemy destroyers.
Gas Turbine E: Destroy 999 enemy destroyers
Grian Laser: Sink 999 battleships
I32-Arawashi: Destroy 100 Carriers
Multi-Warhead Launcher: Destroy 100 Battlecarriers
New Supersonic Torpedo: Sink 999 Cruisers
Special Warhead Torpedoes: Kill 500 Cruisers
Wave Gun : Destroy 100 superships

Easy way to obtain the XBattlecarrier

To obtain the XBattlecarrier without having to sink 999 transport ships you have to beat the game once as the Americans and continue the game. Simply get an ''S'' Rank on the C-8 mission and the XBattlecarrier will be your reward.

Infinite Money

At the dock screen, press Left(2), Right(2), L2, R2, R1, L1.

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