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Unlock Tokyo Police Car

To unlock the Tokyo Police Car, beat all circuit races (Arcade Mode) in Tokyo.

Unlock Parisian Police Car

Beat all circuit races in Paris (Arcade Mode) to unlock the Parisian police car.

Unlock LAPD Car

To unlock the LAPD car, beat all circuit races in LA.

Machine Guns and Rockets

To outfit machine guns and rockets to your car, go to the Options menu, and select Options: Cheat Codes. Enter savethekids as a cheat to hook your ride up with machine guns and rockets. When playing the game press R3 to fire rockets and L3 to fire machine guns.

Change Difficulty

Go to the Options menu, and select Options: Cheat Codes. Enter the code howhardcanitbe, followed by a number 0-9. The most difficult is howhardcanitbe9, while the easiest is howhardcanitbe0.

All Vehicles

Enter theCollector as a case sensitive cheat code.

All Cities

Enter Globetrotter as a case sensitive cheat code.

All Vehicles & Cities

Enter pennyThug as a case sensitive cheat code.

In-Air controls

Enter carcrobatics as a case sensitive cheat code.

Unlock Everything

Enter rimbuk as a case sensitive cheat code.

Infinite Nitros

Enter greenLantern as a case sensitive cheat code.

No Damage

Enter gladiator as a case sensitive cheat code.

Change difficulty

Enter howhardcanitbe0, howhardcanitbe1, etc to howhardcanitbe9 as a case sensitive cheat code where howhardcanitbe0 is the easiest difficulty and howhardcanitbe9 is the hardest.

Crazy weapons

To get machine guns and rocket launchers on your vehicle, go to the cheat screen under options and enter the following code: savethekids. Now, during the game simply hit R3 or L3 (press the analog sticks) to fire your new weapons.

Get Guns and Rockets

Enter savethekids (case sensitive) at the cheat screen. Press L3 and R3 to fire them.

Runaway motorbike

Put on the 'savethekids' cheat. You should now have the machine gun and rocket launcher. Now, go to any race or event and make sure you choose a motorbike. Before it says Go, shoot the rocket launcher at a wall. You should go flying and explode. When you get back the bike, the bike won't have you on it. It'll be driving by itself.

1971 Bestia

Beat Diego in Angel's Side Race "Drag" in LA.


Beat Stephane in Paris.


Beat Blog in Paris.

Bryanston V

Beat Jewel and Julie in Paris.


Beat Moses in LA.

Citi Turbo

Beat Gina in LA.


Beat Bikers in LA.


Beat Steven in LA.

Fripon X

Beat Ian in Paris.


Beat Angel in LA.

Jersey XS

Beat Dice in LA.


Beat Nikko in Tokyo.

Lusso XT

Beat Ichiro in Tokyo.

Modo Prego

Beat Parfait in Paris.


Beat Ian in Paris.


Beat Hector in LA.


Beat Zen in Tokyo.


Beat Shing in Tokyo.


Beat Haley in Tokyo.

Saikou XS

Beat Kenichi in Tokyo.

Schneller V8

Beat Primo in Paris.


Beat Farid in Paris.

Torque JX

Beat Makoto in Tokyo.


Beat Maria in LA.


Beat Inspector Owen in Paris.

Vortex 5

Beat Ricky in Tokyo.

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