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Otacon's Picture Program Pranks

At the end of the tanker chapter you should be able to access Otacon's computer program to send images. You are supposed to send pictures of Metal Gear, but there are others you can send as well and get a special reaction from as well. If you constantly send these photos over and over again, he will have different reactions to them, some are abseloutly hilarious. These are two and what he says:

1. The Vulcan Raven figure in the engine room entrance: Snap a picture for all the slots and get to the computer. He will tell you that he can save it for you in the future.

2. The Comandant who is saying the speech: This is better because you can take as many as you want. After about 7-10 of these his cartoon will be in tears saying that you better stop because you're freaking him out.

Get Olga's Dog Tag

To get olga's dog tag after you fight her and beat her go over to her body and drag it a little then drop it to get her dog tag.

Move CODEC Screens

While talking to Otacon on the CODEC, use the left analog stick to move Otacon's face and the right analog stick to move Snake's face !

Prevent backup help

When faced with only one or two enemies, try to shoot their radio/codec with a small weapon to prevent them from calling in reinforcements.

Use pipes to disable enemies

If a guard is next to a hot pipe, you can use it to your advantage. Shoot the pipe in specific locations to release steam and disable the guard. If the steam hits his leg he will limp and not be able to follow you properly. If the steam hits his arm he cannot shoot. If the steam hits his radio he will not be able to alert backup.

Bloopers and Punishment

OK, here goes: If you want to see Otacon scold Snake, just do the following:

1) Watch the TV in the crew's lounge, then contact Otacon again. He'll scold Snake for being a couch potato instead of doing his duties.

2) Light up a cigarette and contact Otacon. He will give Snake a unwanted speech about the dangers of smoking, blowing his cover when doing so, and informing him that he has to think for other people's health as do his.

3) Hide yourself in a locker and contact Otacon. When Snake makes a crack about that "wee" accident, watch what happens!

4) For you guys who love adult humor, look at the posters in First Person View Mode, and contact Otacon. You'll see Snake doing the unthinkable.

Human Shield

When you are facing alot of enemies, knock one out and pick him up. The other guards will not shoot at you. Very rarely an enemy will try to shoot you but will end up shooting his own partner. This is real good if you have low life.

Quick Way To Metal Gear

To get to the hold that houses Metal Gear RAY in the Tanker chapter without being noticed, first knock out the Marine by the projector in Hold 1, then get on your belly and crawl to the left side of the hold. Once you reach the left side, stand near the bulkhead and press Triangle to open up the maintenance hatch on the floor; the hatch will reveal a ladder and a secret tunnel. Climb down and go through the tunnel, it will lead you to the door to Hold 2. Once inside Hold 2, go to the right side of the hold and open up the maintenance hatch on the floor there. It too will open to reveal a secret tunnel. Crawl through the tunnel until you reach Hold 3, a movie of Snake looking at Metal Gear will play. After the movie is done (skip by pressing X) run over to the right side of the room Snake is in. Crawl through the vent, through the tunnel until you reach a ladder which leads to a ledge inside the Hold. Slide down the pole by pressing Triangle, and you're in!

What the characters are really thinking...

When in the CODEC talking to someone, press varying combos of R1, and R2. For example, press each one individually, then tap one and hold the other, etc. You'll hear some very interesting comments from the characters.

Get Digital Camera

After you beat the game, you can play the game over with the same save and you'll have the Digital Camera in your inventory for both the Plant and Tanker episodes. You can use this to take pictures and save them onto your memory card.

Make Yourself Stronger

Anytime you find yourself hanging from a bar or edge, you can press the R2 and L2 buttons to make the character do a pull-up. After you do 100 of them, your grip strength will be raised one level.Raising a level will let you hang for longer and make you stronger.

Waking up Soldiers

If you need to get a Dog Tag from a knocked out guard, just spray coolant on his face to wake him up and then try to hold him up.

Get the Wig

First play through both the Tanker and Plant episodes and get every dog tag. Then start a new game and save. You will then have a wig in your inventory that gives you infinite ammo and allows you to not have to reload.

Reveal Cyborg Ninja

When the Cyborg Ninja says "I'm like you, I have no name." QUICKLY press R1,L1,L2,R2 and his mask will flash on and off to reveal his face. Mystery! Big Spoiler. It really works!

9mm for Raiden from the start

As you start as Raiden look on the ground were you see alot of roaches.Not the roaches next to the wall the roaches on the ground next to the sewer crawl down and you will see a open sewer crawl into it and you will find a 9mm.


To get Snake's Tag you need to put him on sleep w/the tranqualizer and make him drop it. (NOTE. if you try to knock him out w/your kick-punch combo he'll kick your a*s for sure)

What's wrong with this picture?

Play through the whole game and beat it once. Play the Plant level from the save. When you get to the part where you have to find Ames, all the hostages will be the same old woman!(except for Ames, of course.) This isn't helpful, but it's funny to see a whole room with only the same person in it.

How to get dogtags

To get a dogtag from an enemy, just walk up to them from behind and point your gun at him. Make sure you say"freeze!" so he puts his hands up.go infront of him and point your gun at his head. He should say"don't kill me" and he'll shake of his dogtag. When the dogtag is off, you can finally kill him however you please.

How to get dogtags 2

Some enemies don't give up there dogtags like how i said below. When you point your gun at the heads of certain guys,they say"If your going to shoot,then shoot."With these guys,u need a gun(not a tranquilizer)and shoot him in the arm or leg. DO NOT shoot him in both arms or legs,or he dies! After the shot, hold it to his head and theres your or rather his dogtag. Note: To get the boss dogtags like fatman or olga, just pick them up and then drop them and the dogtag falls out.

Make Yourself Stronger

Anytime you find yourself hanging from a bar or edge, go into first person mode. By pressing R2 and L2 at the same time, Snake will do a pull-up. Do 100 of them and Octacon will tell you that your Grip Strength has been improved. This code may work only in the demo version.

Daze The Guards

Even the stealthy sometimes get caught. When this happens, a blue exclamation point will appear above the guard's head. If you shoot the blue punctuation mark, you'll knock the guard out temporarily. This code may only work in demo mode.

Extreme Mode

After you beat the game once, you'll unlock the Extreme difficulty level.

Vulcan Raven Miniature

In the entrance to the Engine Room on the tanker, Snake will come across a shadow of Vulcan Raven. It is just a toy, but if you shoot it, it will start grunting and shooting pellets until you leave the room.

Fun with Raiden

During any codec sequence in the plant chapter, push L1, L2, R1, or R2 to hear Raiden say some pretty funny stuff.

Get the Camera Earlier in the Game

To obtain the camera without beating the game first, simply head to the distribution facility and go downstairs to find the black-and-white Zone of the Enders box. Now go back upstairs and hop onto the platform with the three lights on it. Using the box, get onto the conveyer belt. Wait through the ride, and once it brings you into the room, get off and you'll see an item box on the floor. That's the digital camera.

Skip Caution Mode

In the beginning of the plant chapter, when you get to the room with the two soldiers Snake knocked out, shoot them with your tranquilizer. Once they wake up, you will not go into caution mode, instead the soldiers will go straight to their positions.


At the part where you meet Pliskin and he's asleep on the stairs, go up the stairs and look for a circuit board with an open door. Shut the door and you will find some C4 planted on the wall. Shoot it and the whole Plant goes up in smoke...You find out why later in the game.

A tank?

At the part where Raiden is naked and the Colonel starts acting up on the codec, press start. You will find that it is not a map being displayed....It sorta looks like a weird tank to me.

Sleeping On The Job

When you meet Pliskin for the first time and he is asleep on the stairs, call him on your codec. You will find that he is asleep on the codec!

Wake Up Pliskin!

When you first meet Pliskin and he is asleep on the stairs, go in first person mode and point your gun at him. He will instantly wake up, point his gun at you, and say a random comment.

Escape from alert mode

If you get detected and the mode switches to alert, run through a door which when you run through it, you get that little black screen where it tells you which room/section you are going to. Then you will notice that alert mode has gone and if you go back, then the backup guards will be gone too!

Orange Wig

Collect 150 dog tags and you'll recieve the Orange Wig giving you infinate Grip.

Hideo Kojima info!

When you reach the first node in the Plant chapter, enter the name Hideo Kojima (the game's Director and Producer) and it'll automatically fill in his date-of-birth, nationality and blood type!

Happy Birthday!

When you reach the first node in the plant chapter, you are asked to input your name, date-of-birth, nationality and blood type. When your birthday comes around you'll see a birthday cake and the words, 'Happy Birthday!'

Stealth Camouflage

Finish the game once, start a new game on any difficulty level, then play the Tanker chapter. If you get more than 60 dog tags, you will be awarded the Stealth Camouflage, rendering you invisible to all enemies except bosses.


Finish the game once, start a new game on any difficulty level, then play the Tanker chapter. If you get more than 30 dog tags, you'll be awarded the Bandana, giving you infinite ammunation.

Title Screen Change

Finish the game once and the title screen will change from Snake to Raiden.

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