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Kurt in his boxing shorts

Go to the main menu. Hold down R2 + L2 and press Square twice, Triangle and Square.

Slow Motion

Play as Max, hold R2 and press Up, Up, Up, Up.

Multiple Characters

Pause game, hold L2 and R2, then up, down, right, left, x, triangle, circle, square, square + start.

Move camera

Pause, then hold L2 + R2 and press circle, x, circle, x.

Weird camera views

Pause, then hold L2 + R2, and press x, circle, x, circle.

Gassy sounds from Hawkins

Play as Dr. Hawkins, then press L2 + R2 + Left + X.


Pause during a game, hold L2, R2 and press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Left, Right, Right, Square, triangle, Square, triangle, Select, and Start.

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