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Train Level: Locks

Door lock Codes:
lock #1- 2517
lock #2- Written on blackboard in car with sleeping security officers.
lock #3- 6954
lock #4- 1355
lock #5- Card given to you by girl on train
lock #6- Press switches on the globe in Zenigata's room. The sequence is-left x1, right x5

The Hideout

Successfully complete the game to unlock Lupin's Hideout. You can view all items stolen, records, and listen to all music from the game.

Final train puzzle room

To get the pitcher, you must use the keycard you find in the globe (simple puzzle) to unlock the switches. Next pull the green lever, then the blue one, then the red one, then push the statues that match the holograms onto them. The pitcher should be released.


Jigen's Magnum is twice as powerful as Lupin's Thirty-Eight and can kill any enemy with a few well placed shots.

Thirty-Eight handgun

Lupin does get his Thirty-Eight handgun from Jigen in the City. Do not to use it to fire on policemen, security guards, and civilians or you will instantly get a game over. However, once you encounter the Raven Kruez ninjas and stone beasts underground, you are free to fire at will.


Goemon's special attack allows him to cut down any objects that fly at him, including bullets and the ninja's shurikens.

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