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Unlimited Gold Coins

On the East Road just out of Hobbiton (past the woodsman who trades his dagger for pipeweed), on the ledge above the stumps that summon the elves is a house. Enter it and walk up to the bookcase. Press Action and a gold coin will appear. Leave the house and re-enter. Another gold coin will be there. Repeat this to get as many coins as needed.

Get Past the 2nd Hall Level

On the 2nd Hall level, where you play as Frodo and Gimli accompanies you, let Gimli hack the orcs at the beginning. When he's done slashing them, run across the floor and turn to your left. You will see a gap between two strips of floor. Jump
across it, and then jump across the other gap just ahead of the first one. A fallen piece of stone provides a huge ladder leading up to a ledge that an orc-archer is shooting from. Kill the orc, then head over to the blue piece of boulder. If you need to change your perspective, go ahead, but you need to push the boulder off the ledge. Another little cutscene will show the boulder come crashing down onto a narrow strip of floor that looks different from the other designs. Come back
down to where Gimli is, head over to the boulder, and push it onto a weird-looking square in the middle of the weird-looking strip. Another cutscene will show a door opening somewhere, and after this, you head across the bridges and pieces of floor until the door is reached. ( P.S. - Let Gimli cut up orcs all the way.)

Get Past the Fire Creature Level

When you have to beat the Balrog on the bridge, save the game. ( Trust me, you'll die at least 5 times.) When gameplay resumes, press R2 to bringup your inventory stash. If you need Miruvor, use it, but don't get stupid and waste it all. Then
select " Lightning " as your magic spell and go back to gameplay. Dodge the fiery circles the Bal- rog throws at you ( a little helpful tip: they go from left to right, left to right ), then cast the Lightning spell at the Balrog. A message will appear at the bottom of the screen saying to strike the Balrog with Glamdring while it's stunned. Do it, but run back as soon as the Balrog regains consciousness. After a few times, Aragorn will cry, " Gandalf, take this!" and you will receive a Miruvor. Repeat the stunning, attacking, and running back process until you cast down the Balrog but then fall into the abyss yourself ( only you'll win.)

Get Past the Smashing Tree Level

On the Smashing Tree level, run across the brook at the very beginning and you will find mushrooms. Then run up the side of the river until your Stealth Indicator goes yellow or red ( usually just yellow.) A short minifilm will play in which an evil tree sprinkles yellow stuff over Merry, Pippin and Sam, then gameplay resumes. When the tree tries to smash you, don't attack its trunk or it will kill Merry and Pippin. Attack the limbs when they try to smash you. The limbs will draw back with a weird noise. Note: Don't attack the limbs vigorously, or you'll lose health. Hit them one time with your walking stick, and then run.
Repeat this until another minifilm appears.

Get Past the 1st Forest Level

On the forest level where you must find Sam, Merry and Pippin, run ahead and eventually you will find a pile of rocks in your way. Run back to the gate and then run to the pile of rocks again. They will have disappeared by that time, at which point Frodo will remark about the forest having a mind of its own. From there on, kill the huge spiders with your walking stick, and when you hear a voice say " Hey, Frodo!" or " We're over here!", look around until you find one of the Hobbits.

Get Past the Dark Rider in Green Hill Country

To get past the Dark Rider in Green Hill Country, get behind a boulder and throw stones far away from you. Practice this technique until the Rider chases after the stones, then run across the Bridge to Maggot's farm and meet Merry, Pippin, and Sam.

Get Past the Wolves in Bywater

To get past the wolves in Bywater, wait until the nifty little minifilm of them howling passes and then put on the Ring. To do this, simply press R2 to bring up your inventory selection, then select the Ring. You will become invisible to the wolves until your purity becomes low. But by that time, the wolves will have lost sight of you, and you're free to go.

Get Past the Dark Riders in Hobbiton

This isn't a cheat, but it could help. When you have to get past the Dark Riders in Hobbiton, throw stones far away from yourself and they will chase after them. Run away when they are distracted. This works every time. Repeat this process until you reach the Bywater Bridge. Then throw stones in the direction of Sandyman's Mill until the Dark Rider chases them, and run over the bridge.

Get Past the Wolves in Hobbiton

When trying to get past the wolves in Hobbiton (after the short clip of them howling) DO NOT PUT ON THE RING!! You can, but there is no point. If you just run right past them, it will work, because they cannot attack you while you are moving.

Hidden Miruvors in Moria Labyrinth

When playing as Gandalf in the Moria Labyrinth level, walk up the long stairs and you will see many miruvors as you go. Collect them. Repeat this pattern throughout Moria - often you will find Miruvor in secret places.

Mushrooms In Hobbiton

While playing as Frodo in Hobbiton, sometimes you will find hidden mushrooms. The first pair is in a tree down the hill from Bag End. Another is around the house just when you get down from the tree. Browse carefully for them, and you will get them all. Tip - find Old Noakes' herbs to earn a few extra.

Get Past The Water Creature In Moria

When you must attack the Watcher in the water of Moria while Gandalf tries to open the doors, you must follow a pattern to succeed. Instead of slashing at the tentacles with your sword, fire at them with your arrows. They will recede as they are rendered useless, until Gandalf says that he has figured the password out. Enter the gate and you're finished.

21st Hall

On the level in Moria dubbed "21st Hall," the rest of the Fellowship will be fighting the two cave-trolls whilst you attempt to find an exit. Many people get boggled on this level. The trick to it is to move to the center, where the statue is, and push the blocks to their correct locations. After this, several rays of light will converge on the walls and the door will open, allowing you safe exit. Note: your magic or sword will have no effect on the trolls, so don't attack them. It'll only deplete your health.

Guide To Goodies

The following is a compiled list of all the extra things you can encounter in the game.

Mushrooms - Can replenish 10% of Frodo's health.
Crams - Replenishes 30% of your health.
Lembas - Replenishes 100% of your health.
Miruvor - Replenishes 100% of Gandalf's spirit.

Longsword - The first blade Aragorn has.
Anduril - The blade Aragorn acquires (Rivendell).
Walking-Stick - The first weapon of Frodo.
Sting - The second weapon of Frodo (Rivendell).
Westernesse Dagger - Frodo's temporary weapon.
Glamdring - Gandalf's permanent sword.

Get Past Barrow-downs

On the Barrow-downs level, after you have moved through the graveyard and killed all of the whispy ghosts, you will arrive in a cave. Merry, Pippin and Sam are in the back, and a Barrow-wight will be guarding them. Do not move toward the hobbits, or the wight will begin attacking you. Instead, move forward and onto the ledge on the wall opposite yourself. Open the chest and you will recieve a Westernesse dagger. Use this to chop the wight. After about nine hacks Tom Bombadil will show up and eliminate the enemy. Tip: Use the Ring when you hack so the wight cannot attack you.

Gollum's Gift

On the first Amon Hen level (not the Orc Dam, but the one where Sam is snatched up by the Ringwraith at the beginning), you will have a chance to see and talk to Gollum. To perform this trick, first kill the wolves with Frodo. Also get rid of the Uruk-hai that come charging for you. When you run past the cave that the wolves charge out of, continue on until you see a gap open up before you, and two Orc archers trying to reach you with their arrows. Instead of dropping down, go to your left and up the hill. Then, go back the way you came, and run down to the river's edge. You should hear Gollum yelling in fury. Once again, take a left and up the ridge, where there is now a fallen tree log. Cross it and start speaking with Gollum. After the discussion, he will toss you a fish, which serves as your weapon for the remainder of the game (and is actually much more deadly than your sword!)

"Arrowhead" Glitch

When you play as Aragorn and are near the hobbits, shoot an arrow directly into their head. Then stand back and look at them. The arrow will be sticking out of their skull, but they will be perfectly fine.

The Secrets of the Trollshaws

Immediately following the "A Knife In The Dark" level, you will need to forge a path for the hobbits in the stage named "Trollshaws." Instead of moving ahead yourself, however, let the four hobbits go in front. They will actually kill the enemies faster and better than you yourself can, and they will not pick up the Crams and Lembas. In short, let the four companions do the dirty work, firing a few arrows to cover then and there, then rake up the health goodies afterwards.

Defeat The Nazgul At Amon Hen

On the last section of Amon Hen, you will have to kill the Nazgul and his Fell Beast (the Ringwraith and his dragon.) Go forward from your starting point and slash at them with your sword. (Beware the weird green mist, it can poison you badly!) After a few hits, the Nazgul should fly away. Run around, dodging his shots. He will become vulnerable after a short period. Attack him with your bow. Repeat this several times and Legolas will kill the wraith during a cutscene. You will complete the game after this victory.

Character Guide

This guide may help out in fighting properly with each of the three playable characters. As Frodo, you cannot always fight very effectively, as you have only a walking stick and sting, plus a few throwing rocks. The best strategy on a tough enemy as Frodo is to simply turn tail and run.

As Gandalf, however, you can stand your ground and fight to a certain extent. Do not abuse your magic, though. You might finish off a huge troll just to find another one around the corner, and if your Staff Strike or Lightning Strike is used up, you have no choice but to work your way past the monster or kill him with Glamdring.

Aragorn is an extremely diverse player. He has arrows and an effective sword, so you can stand your ground significantly longer than the other two. Aragorn is reliable and usually has many health replenishers. He is my favorite character in the game. Hopefully this has helped you beat or perfect your skill in this game.

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