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Get British Bulldog

In career mode pick Dynamite Kid and finish career mode to get British Bulldog in the shop.

Get John Studd

In career mode pick any wrestler and Beat John Studd to unlock him in the shop.

Get Owen Hart

In career mode pick Bret Hart and finish career mode to unlock Owen in the shop.

Get Bruno Samartino

In career mode pick Hulk Hogan and finish career mode to unlock Bruno in the shop.

Get Andy Kaufman

In career mode pick Jerry Lawler and defeat Andy Kaufman to unlock Andy in the shop.

Get Unlimited Green Coins

Finish career mode using all wrestlers.

Unlock Cheat Mode

Choose any wrestler in career mode. In career mode, start one of each of the match types. Then either finish the match or immediately exit. After all match types have been started, cheats can be purchased in the shop.

Unlock The Man On The Moon

To unlock Andy Kaufman, select career mode and choose Jerry Lawler. Defeat Andy Kaufman to unlock him at the shop.

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