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Unlock Mometsuto

To unlock Mometsuto as a playable character, complete the game.

Boss battle

To unlock a new area that allows you to battle previously defeated bosses, complete the fairground levels.

Gallery option

To unlock an option for a picture gallery, complete the fairground levels.

Unlock Music Box

Complete both hidden levels to unlock the Music Box sound test. The first hidden level gives you the first 27 tracks, while the second one gives you the remaining songs.

Unlock hidden levels

In each stage are six stars. If you collect all six, you'll gain a doll that will appear on the R1 screen. Collect eight dolls to unlock the first hidden level, and all sixteen for the second.

Vision select

Successfully complete the game and save. Start another game, then press R1 to display the status screen. You can now select any level by using the "Vision Selector" option.

How To Beat The Monster At The Market Square

Hit him once then he will split into 4 parts. Stay out of the way so they don't hit you and get something to throw at one of them. There is a certain one you have to hit. It will come up and the one you should hit will glow. Then it spins around so it mixes you up. Keep your eye on the one that glowed. When it comes back down hit the one that glowed. Keep doing this skill over and over until you win!

How To Beat Leorina's Metal Soldier

You get something to throw at it but don't trow at it yet. When you have sommething to throw at it jump on the bouncy thing in front of you. When you are in the air wait for his metal blade to be right below you. When they are push: triangle then x. That will throw your weapon at the blades. That will hurt him but he won't die just yet. After a few hits he will pull out a lot of tires all around him but to keep yourself safe you have to wait untill he get close to you then jump on the bouncy thing in front of you. Keep doing that over and over untill you have won!

How To Beat The Dark Sea Of Tears

It is really dark so you need to get some light. The light is flying around when you need it. Keep finding the light and you will do fine. Just keep following the paths in front of you. And it is quite a long trip so be careful of enemys near by. And if you have the light it is easy to see your enemys so don't get frustrated if you don't get it on the first try because I didn't get on the first try either.

Popka Jump

To perform a "POPKA JUMP" simply plug in another controller on the second controller slot.While playing as "KLONOA",press "START BUTTON" on the second controller and "POPKA" will appear;when you press the "SQUARE BUTTON" on the second controller "POPKA" will push "KLONOA" up in the air making him jump three times higher than his normal jump.Note:doing this will knock off "POPKA" for a little while and you won't be able to make another "POPKA JUMP" until he recovers.To make "POPKA" disappear just press "START BUTTON" again on the second controller.

Make Popka Appear In The Title Movie

Press the buttons L1 and R1 to make Popka appear in the title movie. If you performed it right Popka will say something !

Game Shark Codes

Master Code (Must Be On):
EC8DB168 1426F134

Infinite Lives:
3CA1EB80 1456E788

Infinite Health:
3CA1EB78 1456E7A3

Infinite Air:
4CA1EB9E 1456F025

Momett Doll Bells:
3CAA3CA0 1456E7A3

Low Time in Attack Time Mode:
0CA1EBAC 1426E605
1CA1EBAC 1456E7A6

All Stones on Sea Of Tears Level:
3CA488B9 1456E70C

All Stones on La-Loosha Level:
3CA488B6 1456E70C

All Stones on Joilant Fun Park Level:
3CA488B7 1456E70C

All Stones on Jungle Slider Level:
3CA488BC 1456E70C

All Stones on Underground Factory Level:
3CA488BD 1456E70C

All Stones on Volk City Level:
3CA488BA 1456E70C

All Stones on Volkan Inferno Level:
3CA488BB 1456E70C

All Stones on Ishras Ark Level:
3CA488C0 1456E70C

All Stones on Chamber O'Fun Level:
3CA488C9 1456E70C

All Stones on Mts. Of Mira-Mira Level:
3CA488C1 1456E70C

All Stones on Maze Of Memories Level:
3CA488BE 1456E70C

How to beat the Hurricane Challenge

When you have defeated the King of Sorrorw, cheak out how many dolls you have fixed. If you have collected them all you can go back to Mommett's House and he will ask you to do a Hurricane Challenge. If you can't do it, plug in the second controller to use Popka to get up on to the high ledges.

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