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Alternate Ending Sequence

Successfully complete the game with all keyholes, 99 Dalmatians, and the Hades Cup.

Easy Level Gain

In the very beginning when you are being asked all those questions pick all the top ones and you will get levels faster, if you pick all the bottom ones you will gain levels slower

Secret Bosses

The game includes a few secret battles that may be worth the trouble, especially a couple of new ones that have been added to the American version. All of theses are insanely hard, though, and for experts only. Sepiroth: The Platinum Match at the Coliseum becomes available after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. Ice Titan: The Gold Match at the Coliseum shows up after beating the Hades Cup. Phantom: Visit the Clock Tower in Neverland after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole. Kurt Zisa: Talk to the Carpet in Aladdn's House after locking the Hollow Bastion Keyhole.


Try to master using both the Left Analog-stick and Right Analog-stick. Remember to top up your partners' items. Use lock-on targeting in all Boss fights. Do not always rely on your partners to heal you. Try to use the hit and magic attack method. For example, first lock on the target. Next, use your magic until one last MP remains then join in the pounding of the Boss. Cast magic when you regain one block of MP. Continue to pound the Boss. Remember to take care of your HP during the pounding.

Fighting Sephiroth

After sealing the Keyhole at Hollow Bastion, a mysterious battle appears in Phil's list of options. This battle is called the Platinum Match, and you must go one on one with the toughest Boss in the game to win.

Easy Experience

When you first start, you can fight Riku, Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie by talking to them. A good way to get experience is to fight Wakka or Riku, however if you defeat them all and get the items you need for the raft (the two logs, the cloth, and the rope) and select "Rest", when you wake up in the morning you can fight everyone except Riku. Defeat Wakka and Selphie then talk to Tidus. He will tell you about his three on one match with Riku and how bad he lost. You will then have three options, Select "3 on 1", and you will start fighting against Wakka, Tidus, and Selphie. Tidus and Selphie attack in a group. Knock out Tidus, then Selphie. Keep your distance from Wakka. When he throws the Blitzball at you and it is about to hit, slash your sword. It should be deflected, and you will get 1 or 2 experience points. You can repeat this as many times as needed, but if you hit Wakka with the ball a certain amount of times he will die. Even though it may take practice hitting the Blitzballs, it is the easiest way to get experience at the start of the game. It is possible to leave Destiny Island at level 12, almost strong enough to defeat Cloud.

99 Dalmatian Locations

1-3 Traverse Town District 3: Look behind the magic shop. You have to get Glide
to get them.

4-6 Traverse Town District 2: Use the Trinity move behind the item shop.

7-9 Traverse Town District 1: You can find them in a chest. Use Item Forge.

10-12 Traverse Town Sewers: Look for stairs going up in the sewers. The box is

13-15 Wonderland: Go to Queen's courtyard. Find a chest near the exit in the

16-18 Wonderland: Go into the forest. There will be a blue chest in the trees.

19-21 Wonderland: Use the exit that is up and Glide to Mad Hatter's Tea Party.

22-24 Olympus Coliseum: Look for a Trinity mark at the entrance, then activate it.

25-27 Deep Jungle: When you jump over the hippos, look for a chest near a vine.

28-30 Deep Jungle: Go into the high jungle and look for the dogs in the tree

31-33 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near the exit in the jungle nest.

34-36 Deep Jungle: Activate the Trinity mark near exit of the camp.

37-39 Agrabah: Go into Aladdin's house and find a chest.

40-42 Halloween Town: The chest is in the pumpkin patch.

43-45 Neverland: Go to the Big Ben area. Fly and look for puppies behind the
starting location.

46-48 Agrabah: Go into the fourth market square and use High Jump to get it.

49-51 Agrabah: Go into the magic cave and Glide to the pedestal.

52-54 Agrabah: Get Aladdin in your party and activate the crystal in the treasure

55-57 Monstro: In the third area, you can see it near the upper exit to the sixth

58-60 Wonderland: Return to the Queen's courtyard, then go to the pot in the
dining room.

61-63 Hollow Bastion: Finish every challenge, then go to the lab to get the

64-66 Halloween Town: Reach the doors next to the platform in the pumpkin patch
to reach the crypt and chest.

67-69 Halloween Town: Look underneath of the stairs in one of the houses.

70-72 Halloween Town: Located in the big pumpkin statue. Jump and Glide to get it.

73-75 Monstro: Look for a red chest in the mouth.

76-78 Monstro: Go to the upper platforms in the third area and look around. Then,
jump and Glide to the chest.

79-81 Monstro: In the second area, look for a chest on a barrel in the high area.

82-84 Neverland. Go into the ship and go to the middle of the room near the brig.

85-87 Neverland: Active the Trinity mark inside the ship.

88-90 Neverland: Located in the captains quarters, on the bed.

91-93 Hollow Bastion: Located near the falls.

94-96 Hollow Bastion: Located outside of the castle. Open the emblem door, then
jump into the moving elevator.

97-99: Use Gravija, then get the floating chest outside the castle.

Battling Friends Of The Island

While in Destiny Island, train Sora to level 10. Do this by fighting Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie. Plus beat all three and face them all at once. If you beat them you get a potion each time you win. Once you get to level 10, face Riku, if you try facing him under level ten, you'll lose life quikly and make the score 1-0. If you beat Riku get a potion.

Famous Voices

Did you know that Lance Bass from the backstrret boys acts Sephiroths voice on this Game? If you look on the back of the booklet where it says credits you can see that famous people act different characters voices. This has nothing to do with the game but its cool to know who acts who.

Another Way To Get Easy Experience

The way to get easy exp. is to keep fighting Wakka on Sora's island. Everytime he throws the blitzball at u hit it back at him (it gives you 1 exp. and if you hit him you'll get another exp. point) and when he does his powerup shot hit it back at him (it gives 2 exp. and if you hit him you'll get 2 exp.).Watch out though Wakka will eventually give up then vs. him again and repeat (it takes a while but it is worth it especially if u wanna beat Riku).

Easy Way To Beat Riku

An easy way to beat Riku on Sora's island is to hit him 4 times. He will fall after the 4th time, try to do the kick attack on you when he gets up, dodge that, and continue the steps (sometimes he wont fall on the 4th hit put it is a rare occasion).

Defeat Cloud With Ease

Before the fight, with Goofy put 3 M-potions on the end of his item list. fill the rest with potions. Fill Soras and donalds items with potions as well. When you get to Cloud in the ring wait untill he does his move in the air before attacking. Because when does that he is stuck for 2 seconds.. this gives you time to attack. Just avoid the other attacks he does.Use Dodge roll to get away. It's to risky to get in a hit. Recommended level 14 ( 15-17 Best).


Get 200 mushrooms. Then in the first town you can sell them at Trevers and get life.

Get Through Cave Of Wonders

The cave of wonders can be quite difficult if you don't know how to get through. 1. You can swim up waterfalls! 2. You have to have Alladin in your party to activate the statues inside. 3. When you fight Jafar the fist time, take him down before he starts to fly, or else your going to have to use a lot of magic to bring him down. 4. The second form of Jafar is INVINSIBLE! Litterally. The only way to beat him is to attack the lamp that Lago the parrot is flying around untill he has finally had enough.

Beat Captain Hook

To beat Captain Hook in Neverland, you need to fly high or he'll swat you like a fly. (HeHe, it rhymes.) Come down and punch him in the head occasionally and use magic a lot to keep your clueless party members alive. They're sort of afraid of flying, either that or they're cemented to the ground. Simple, huh?

Dumbo The Elephant

To get your first summon, (Dumbo the Elephant) you must visit Merlin and go into Poo's story book. (This is also a great place to play some fun and helpful minigames.) Do a few things for Poo and he will reward you with Dumbo the Elephant.

White Mushrooms

These friendly creatures show up most commonly around the tent in the Deep Jungle, the Treasure Room at the Magic Cave in Agrabah, and the large room just before reaching the Final Rest at the End of the World. They aren't hostile, but you have to hit them three times in a row with the same type of magic to get them to drop the Mystery Goo. The gestures they make will tell you what type of spell they want you to use on them:
Shivering - Fire
"Bring it" gesture - Ice
Sun over head - Thunder
Trip and fall - Cure
Spinning around - Aero
Frozen in place - Stop
Floating in air - Gravity

Sora's Most Powerful Weapon

The most powerful weapon Sora can obtain in Kingdom Hearts is Ultima Weapon. It can be made at the Moogles' Synth Shop in Traverse Town, and shows up on the list only when all the other items on the Synth Shop list have been made at least once. Once it becomes available, these are the items you'll need and which creature drops them:

Lucid Gems - Wight Knight (Halloween Town)
5 Power Gems - Pirate and Pirate Ship (Never Land)
5 Thunder Gems - Aquatank and Screwdriver (Atlantica)
3 Mystery Goos - White Mushroom, Black Fungus and Rare Truffle (various locations)
3 Gales - Angel Star and Invisible (End of the World)

Sephiroth Attack Counter

When fighting Sephiroth, he will suddenly say Sin Harvest, and a little red thingie will surround Sora. a split second later, it will drain hp to 1, and mp to 0. When Ole Grey Hair says Sin Harvest, go to you items (hopefully all elixers), and choose which item to use, but don't choose Sora, until you see the red animation on Sora. If you use it fast enough, it will activate just after your hp and mp drops. Then, even If sephiroth gets to you, you can survive.

How To Beat Hades

First attack him but don't use fire it will cure him.When he uses a attack when he spins fire shooting from his arms dodge-roll under the flames.

How to beat Jafar as a Genie

While Jafar is a Genie, do not go after him. If you attack Jafar the results will do nothing. Go after his bird that is flying around the room with the lamp. Jafar will throw rocks at you, so keep an eye out for him.

Easily Defeat Cerberus

To easily defeat Cerberus(dog with 3 heads) first wait until he is about to do the attack where he barfs up dark magic. When he does this, he arches his back. Try to jump onto his back. If you succeed, he will not be able to hit you with any of his attacks! At this point you should wait until he does his biting attack, then jump down and attack one of his outer heads. Repeat this as needed until he keels over.

Unlock a treasure trest

In traverse town to open the treasure trest near all the lit candles you can never put out, use blizzard on each candle one by one. Once you have done that you will hear a beep. Now you can go up to the treasure chest and open it. It will give you a power up.

Freeze Timer in the Hercules Cup

When you reach Hercules in the Hercules Cup, press start then select restart. When the match restarts the timer will freeze. This only happens in the Hercules Cup.

Easy Battles with Donald and Goofy

Once you have Donald and Goofy on your team, two circles will appear at the top left of the screen when you go into a battle. If you press the triangle button during a battle, their circles will temporarily shine blue. This gives a temporary boost to all battle stats. P.S You may have to push the triangle button a few times before they begin to flash.

Synthesis Item list

The following can be done after you lock Hollow Bastion.

Blaze Gem: Fat Bandit, Bandit (Agrabah, Cave of Wonders)
Blaze Shard: Red Nocturne (Monstro and possibly other worlds)
Bright Crystal: Defenders (Various places; Traverse Town Hotel has 3 in the hallway)
Bright Gem: Search Ghost (Halloween town and other worlds as well)
Bright Shard: Green Requiem (Deep jungle)
Frost Gem: Sea Neons (Atlantica)
Frost Shard: Blue Rhapsody (Wonderland)
Gale: Angel Star, Invisible (End of the world; screen before final rest save point)
Lucid Crystal: Dark Ball (Various worlds )
Lucid Gem: Gargoyle, Wight Knight (Halloween Town)
Lucid Shard: Shadow (Various worlds)
Mysterious Goo: White mushroom(Deep Jungle, in front of tent)
Power Crystal: Wyvern (Various worlds )
Power Gem: Pirate, Air pirate, Battle Ship (Neverland)
Power Shard: Power Wild, Bouncy Wild (Deep Jungle)
Shiny Crystal: Wizard (Various worlds)
Spirit Gem: Air Soldier (Wonderland)
Spirit Shard: Soldier, Large Body (Agrabah)
Thunder Gem: Aqua Tanks, Screwdrivers (Atlantica)
Thunder Shard: Yellow Opera (Wonderland)
Black/Blue Fungus (Various worlds)

Answer Me These Questions Three

At the very begining of the game when you are asked three questions, pick the top answers to level up faster generally, pick the bottom answers to level up slower generally.

Easier way on finding forgery items

If your having a hard time on finding some forgery items (you know item synthesis item) you have to destroy a lot of each kind of monster and put on all your party members "Lucky Strike" and "Jackpot" (if you want to get rich). If your looking for elemental gems and items go to White Mushrooms and cast the same spell of the gem or crystal before it dies. (ex: Fire, Thunder, Thunder, it will give you a thunder gem)

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