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Unlimited horse power and perfect handling

Beat the first ten races with a rank of third or higher. Once finished with this task you will need to start a new game and once you have completed the first five races new game. This time come in last each time ten times and reset the Playstation and when you look in your garage you will have a Shelby gt-350 that can go 300 and hit a turn no problem at top speed


Select Jet Boosters and Hyper Mite and then go to Turbine Sands in joy ride mode. Then find the freestyle course, go off the metal ramp while jet boosting, and then use jet boosters while in the air and you will be flying.

Unlimited ammunition

Intentionally hit at least 50 Barrels while completing Challenge 18.

Unlimited health

Intentionally hit at least 179 Barrels while completing Challenge 17.

Unlimited turbo

Collect 8 Zappers while completing Challenge 4.

All cars

Hit 11 Bonus Stunt items while completing Challenge 8.

All worlds

Find the Hidden Key while completing Challenge 18.

All gadgets

Intentionally hit at least 30 Barrels while completing Challenge 7.

Upgraded laser

Successfully complete Challenge 18 under the very hard difficulty setting.

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