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Lots of courage points

When on the final level there will be one part you meet up with an elf girl she will tell you to move on while she fights the trolls instead stay and watch her fight the trolls put the ring on when there are a lot of courage points on the ground if you want to make it faster go and fight the trolls with the elf girl.The trolls never stop coming so you can get as many health bubbles as you want in that area.

Elf Head Spin

When in barrels out of bond don't free the head dwarf from the cage in the deep cellar instead go to the small pedestal with a small crystal on it hold the square button a door will open. Slip the ring on and go up the passage there should be to elfs guarding the passage jump behind one of the two and pay attention to the elfs head if you did it correctly the elfs head should spin completely around.

Beating The Three Spider Sisters

In the last section of the level "Flies and Spiders", you will be required to kill the three huge spiders before moving on. This is enormously difficult and is probably the hardest level in the video game. However, here is how to complete the stage. After you free the dwarves, kill the approaching spiders and slide down the rope. Make mush of any immediate enemies, and try to go through the opening in the wall. A queen spider will block it with her web, making your escape impossible. Kill her by hacking with your sword or walking stick. When she is done, another sister will start harassing you. Get the fire rocks nearby and throw them at her. She will dissolve in about ten hits, leaving a string of courage points in her wake. The last spider is difficult. Hit her with freezing stones, then lash out when she is immobilized. You will finish the level to explore more amazing adventures!

Poisonous Spiders

On levels such as "Flies and Spiders" and "The Gathering of the Clouds", where there are a large amount of venomous spiders, you need to know what to do in the case that you run into them. Most spiders are classified by their color. Black spiders are not venomous, but can kill you if you don't attack back. Green spiders are mildly venomous, and you will have to take an antidote potion or you will die. Red spiders are extremely venomous, and will kill you in a very few seconds if antidotes are not taken. However, there is a simple and effective method of eliminating all three types. Instead of hacking at them with Sting (your sword), swipe at them with your walking stick. The stick has a better damage range than the short, stubby sword, and more spiders can be knocked away at once. If all else fails, however, use the Ring to get past the arachnids.

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