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EX Characters

Once you beat a character in Survival Mode, you'll unlock its EX version. To select an EX character, highlight him/her, then press L2 at the character selection screen.

Stage Select

To select a different stage, highlight a character and press R2.

Boss Stage Select

Select versus CPU, versus two player, or training mode. Highlight the ''Random'' character selection at the middle of the screen and press R2.

Ex and Sp/Black

To get a persons Ex mode you can either unlock it in Servial mode(Every 10 lvls is a new Ex the daredevil is the Ex) or the way which i think is faster is to compelete the 1st & 2nd paths in story mode. To get the Sp form you just have to finish all three paths of a person. For black when you have the Sp of a person hold L1 then press start. Its for infinite specials.

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