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Alternate Game

Complete the game once and then play it again. New items appear in various locations.

Special Stage

When you get Roan to become a part of your team, exit the palace. Go to Raul Hills and when you get there, "Special Stage" will appearon the screen. You can train your party and leave when you are ready.

The Book of War

To get the book of war, win the walnut game 6 times. When you return from the game, they will give you the book.

Great Items

Go to the sailor's house when you get to Roan's hometown. Arm wrestle him. If you win he'll give you the information. Then, Arm wrestle Millenia. If you win you will give you the Great Items.

Defeating Ryudo's Bro

When you come to fight Malfice, the best way to defeat him is by using lightning attacks, like Zap, and stronger lightning attacks. Dragon Zap works best so get zapping and you will defeat him in no time!

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