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The Games at Caltha

When you start the game and pick Valens you find yourself in Imperia fighting in some luegues or what have you. then you find that your tactics aren't working so well when you play. That's when you head over in to Caltha. Ya know the big Imperial stadium. Once there you can watch fights among other gladiators and watch to understand some new strategy tactics that will help in the future. Good Luck! Also for winning efficiently in the games outside of Caltha, i suggest any one who plays the game immediately hire a Murmillo (the fish people) for they have really strong abilities.

Fast Gold

In the beginning of the game it costs like 1000 to 3000 to recruit a new character....if you recruit someone go to the school list remove their armor and expel them you can usually sell their armor for anywhere from 9000 to 19000 making... well alot of gold if the process is repeated.

Easy earned equipment

Ok first thing to do for this trick is to head to the beach when you are in Imperia. When on the beach toward the south just stand on the beach and press the "x" button. It may take some time to find some items but keep searching. these items you find on the beach can be sold for very high prices and may be equipped to your gladiator.

Finding equipment and weapons

Walk the beach of Imperia in the early morning to find high level equipment and weapons. Stand on the beach and press X. If done correctly, you should see a window with a treasure chest on it, and a message telling you that it is searching. There is no limit to how much you can find; you can acquire a lot of items if you have the time.

Getting good items

When you kill somebody out of the dueling ring, a coffin will appear where they died. You can attack it to get all of that person's items. Note: This will not work in a dueling ring.

Points Battle Tip

Here's an easy way to beat those Points Battles. After you get the Undead Summoner at your school (in Nordagh), take him into every Points Battles match. While in the match, use his Death for Life ability and summon a skeleton. Once the skeleton is out, use the Undead Summoner's Life Steal ability on the skeleton that he has just summoned. Repeat this as much as possible and use the rest of your party for normal attacking. This not only keeps one person out of harm's way, but it also lets you build a good amount of points for your school without having to travel too far.

Ship Captain

After arriving back in Imperia for the games in Caltha, there will be a Ship Captain located on the beaches. You can pay him a fee and he will take you back to the previous regions you have visited. This is the only way to return to these regions and complete any games that you did not earlier in the game. He appears at random times, so enter and exit Trikata until you see him. The fees are 20,000D for Nordagh, 20,000D for Steppes, and 15,000D for Expanse.

Camera Control

Pause the game during combat and enter UP, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, LEFT, LEFT, LEFT,LEFT, UP, UP, UP, UP.

When Ludo leaves you

If you are playing with Valens, when you are at the third land and you beat three touraments Ludo will leave you for the rest of the game.

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