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Unlimited Ammo

Press: up, down, left, right, triangle, up, down left, right, square during the opening introduction before the Main Menu appears.

Double Health

Press Up(2), Left(2), Right(2), Circle(2), Down during the opening introduction before the main menu appears.

Blue Lemans

Search outside the Soreditch Boxing Club.

Citroen Camper Van

Search on Kensigton Road, below Hyde Park.

Citroen Kebab Van

Search near Waterloo Road.

Eyetoy Lemans

Go to Marylebone and search near a garage where you can save your cars.

Penny Farthing

Go to Mayfair and search in front of a big archway at the top left of the area.

The Getawaylemans

Search behind the Tower of London.

Vauxhall Vx

Search behind the police station.

Cruising Around

There is a hidden car for CRUISING AROUND. It is a yellow getaway car which resembles as an F1 car. From the map, it is parked on the lane opposite the Victorian Pumphouse, near the Tower of London, facing the River of Thames. If you are not sure where is the Tower of London located. Open the map at thegateway.co.uk. (The map on the PS2 doesnot give you any info locations.You must refer the website) Select location. Its on the rightside of the map. Having fun cruising around london with the yellow black monday car!

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