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In-game reset

Press L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Start + Select during game play.

Skip intermission sequences

Pause game play during an intermission sequence, then press Square to skip the current scene.

Changing dress/job

During a battle, press L1 during your characters turn and a plate will appear. Choose your desired dress and press Action to activate it. For Yuna, once you get the Special Dress, you can use it during battle. During Yuna's turn, press L1 then R1 to the change to the Special Dress.

Story level 2: Easy money

Clear off O'aka's debts by buying 100,000 gil worth of items from him on the airship. After you have cleared the debt, O'aka will start selling you items very cheap. Buy 99 of the items he sells, then fly to another location and sell them at over twice what you bought them for. For example, buy 99 High Potions from him for 50 gil each (total cost of 4950 gil). Then, fly to the Calm Lands and sell the High Potions for 125 gil each, for a total of 12375 gil. That is a quick profit of 7425 gil.

Story level 5: Defeating Shiva

At the beginning of story level 5, talk to Rikku's brother. He will ask you five things. Choose the first option twice and you will go to a hole inside Shiva's temple. Keep going down and you will find Shiva. She is quite weak, but there is one thing she can do. She will use Heavenly Strike on you. When that happens, your character will be frozen and will not be able to move for about four turns. Try to level up a lot and use Haste because she is very fast. Have someone cast Shell and Protect so that the damage will be reduced. When that is done, keep hacking at her until she dies.

Story level 5: Defeating the Magus Sisters

Focus all your attacks at the little one first, because she has the lowest HP. If you kill her first, then they will not be able to perform their Overdrive. Next, go after the tall one since she has a strong attack. Do not forget to cast Shell and protect on yourself. Just keep hitting them until they die. To defeat them easily, level up and have a high HP. Then, focus your attacks on the fatter sister so they cannot use Delta Attack. As long as she is alive, they can use that attack. Then, attack the taller one. Heal if necessary. Finally, attack the smaller one. It may be difficult, but it is effective.

Story level 5: Defeating Anima

All he does is attack and Pain. If you cannot defeat him by healing and hacking, level up and try again.

Secret scene

Get to the scene after Djose temple where Yuna falls into the gaping hole and ends up on the farplane. First, she meets Shuin. Later, Shuin goes away and then the three main leaders of New Yevon, Youth Alliance, and Al Bhed appear. After they give Yuna a couple of Akagi Spheres, the scene will change. Suddenly Yuna will be in a black room with a spotlight on her. In this scene, you can walk around the dark room for a few seconds. If you continuously press Circle during that time, you will be presented with a secret scene. It is called "The Whistling Scene", and you will see Yuna scream then hear a faint whistle. She looks over to see a shadow of Tidus. She will then run after Tidus and follow him along a path until he disappears and she returns to the airship. Remember, do not stop pressing Circle button until you are sure the scene has finished. Note: You need to do this secret scene to get the "perfect ending".

Using Special Dresspheres

To use each character's special Dresspheres, you must activate all the Dresspheres on your Result Plate (all lines in the plate should be glowing in blue). If activated, the "R1 Special Dress Change" message will flash. To change, press R1 and Action. The only difference is that the Special Dressphere will control the other character, and the character using the special Dressphere will be the only one who will receive the experience.

Final Fantasy 10 weapon references

Previous weapons from the Final Fantasy 10 can be seen used by the characters in certain Dresspheres:

Brotherhood (Tidus): Yuna uses it when set to Warrior Dressphere.
Rod (Yuna): Set Yuna to White Mage Dressphere.
Long Sword (Auron): Set Yuna to Samurai Dressphere.
Caladbolg (Tidus): Set Yuna to Dark Knight Dressphere.
Masamune (Auron): Set Rikku to Dark Knight Dressphere.
World Champion (Wakka): Used by Tidus when he uses the Terra Of Zanarkand ability at the final battle.

Good character strategy

Use Yuna and Paine as Warriors and Rikku as a Thief. Also get Yuna to use a hidden dress called Healer, which works better than White Mage. As you get further in the game, there will be more new dresses. Do not use any of them. Although some of them may seem strong, they are all all pretty much useless. Get Paine something with Pierce and keep hacking at your enemies while Yuna heals when needed. Have Rikku steal from whoever you see. You will be surprised at what you can get from just stealing from a Ghost or some sort of a strong monster. To complete this game, you will need to be at around level 50 to 60. You should have mastered a few jobs along the way. Have Yuna master White Mage and Item Shooter if possible. Get Paine to master Black Mage and Dark Knight if possible. You should get Rikku to Master Berserker. Making Yuna master those two specific jobs will make her an ultimate healer. She will heal very well. If you are really into the game, you could have her master the Trainer job if you would like her as an attacker as well. Having Paine master Black Mage and Dark Knight will make her a major attacker. Also, after mastering Dark Knight she gets an ability that will allow her to use all learned Black Magic. Having Rikku master Berserker will use her speed to a major advantage. Berserker gains counter abilities. Once mastered, you will be able to counter attacks, missed attacks, and magic attacks. Berserker is also a very powerful attacker and is very fast. The ATB bar for that particular job is small, which will allow you to attack many times. All this combines for a very powerful team. The only downfall to this is Yuna's lack of HP, because of the healing jobs. Use your more powerful characters to protect her whenever possible and keep a good amount of Phoenix Downs available.

Unlock Extra Ending

First you'll have to meet with Maechen at Guadosalam in Chapter 3. You'll find him when you meet up with Logos and Ormi in the same area. Next you have to get the "whistling" scene with Yuna at the end of Chapter 3. When you're alone in the Farplane, move Yuna around and continually press the X button. You'll hear whistling. That means you have activated the event. Next thing you have to do is get an Episode Complete in Luca during Chapter 5. All you have to do there is visit the location where Tidus taught Yuna how to whistle. Next, get an Episode Complete in Besaid. Finally, once you have defeated Shuyin at the end of the game, keep tapping the X button to get your just rewards.

Easy Healing

If you need to heal up, change your characters into White Mages, because they have the lowest HP in the game. You can use regular Potions or low level white magic spells to cure them. Revert them back to their original classes and they'll be at max health.

Easy Money

From the start of the game, use Pilfer Gil to get as much money as possible and try not to buy any items/accessories. Rescue O'aka from the Al Bhed in Macalania Woods (Ch. 1) and corner him in the southeast section of Macalania. Agree to help him and pay off his debt by the end of Chapter 2 (100,000 gil!). When the debt is paid off, he'll have items at a cost cheaper than what you can sell them for. Buy 99 of each item he has (Potion, Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down, Antidote, Eye Drops, Echo Screen, Soft, and Holy Water) and sell all of it to the Gullstore just across from O'aka. Repeat for as much money as you want; each time you buy and sell items you'll profit 16,830 gil.

Rescue Tourists Sidequest

In Chapter 3, go to the gorge in the Calm Lands, and do the Rescue Tourists Sidequest. One of the tourists (the guy running past you towards the entrance) will have the Besaid Key. This key allows you to open the chest in Besaid Temple and get a Search Sphere. Also, when you see the two children run to the right, go to the left. Examine the small area and you will find a tourist hiding unseen. You need to rescue him to be able to warp to the first Hidden Chamber. And when you're fighting Yojimbo, have a Mega-Potion ready to use. His Zanmato attack will drop your entire party's HP and MP to 1. Have Yuna or Rikku in Gunner. Trigger Happy LV3 will buy you some time for the others to take action.

Movie/Music Spheres

Don't waste your gil at the Luca Theater. If you really have to see the Movies or hear the Music, save your game first. Then go to the Theater and buy all the spheres you want. When you're ready to continue playing, just reload your game.

Lady Luck Dressphere

In Chapter 3, go to Luca and win the Sphere Break Tournament. You will receive the Lady Luck Dressphere, which has the Double EXP auto-ability.

Brother's Love Confession

To view this scene, you must rest in the cabin in every chapter at least once. After you've rested in the final chapter you will trigger the scene.

Money Cheats

In chapter one after the floating ruins mission, go to the albhed shop that comes after the macalania woods. O'aka will be there and run into the forest. Follow him until he reaches the forest entrance. He has gone into the right path, follow him. On the next map go to the upper area, Paine will say something like "I guess he thinks we can't see him" go to the left corner and hit the X button. The screen will change to O'aka and then you can choose whether or not to turn him in to the al bhed. allow him to board your airship and pay off his debt(it should be either 1000 or 100 000 gil). When you do he will sell his items at ridiculously cheap prices. Buy as many of his items as possible and then sell them at the gullstore.

Later in Chapter 2 for a easy 90k(must have 10k to do) gil go to guadosalam. Find the innkeeper(buidling closest to entrance) and ask about the data(save it first!). He will sell his data for 10k and give you a hint about where to find the person that wants the data. Unless he says "it's the person you'd least expect" or "the person closest to you", restart the game(that's why I said save it). Depending on how lucky you are you might get it soon. But when he says one of the two hints, hit [] to sell the data, he will buy it for a cool 100k. so minus the 10k to buy the data, you just made a cool 90 000 gil!

Aeons Hp/Mp And Gil

Below are the Hp, Mp and Gil of the Aeons:

Bahamut- Hp:8400 - Mp:999 - Gil:1000
Valefor - Hp:8430 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1200
Ifrit- Hp:8829 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1300
Ixion- Hp:12380 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1800
Shiva- Hp:14800 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000
Yojimbo- Hp:22000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1500
Mindy- Hp:9788 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Sandy- Hp:10330 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Cindy- Hp:12240 - Mp:9999 - Gil:1000
Anima- Hp:36000 - Mp:9999 - Gil:2000

Defeat Trema Easily

Having problems with Trema. All you need to defeat him is two accessories the Cat Nip and the Invincible. The cat Nip accessory give the equiped character the ability SOS ???? which means when their HP is in the yellow all their attacks will do 9999 HP damage to ANY enemy no matter their defense. Equip the same character with the Invincible which will give them the ability Break Damage Limit. Now they will do 99999 HP damage each hit. Simply equip the same character with the gunner dresssphere and use triggerhappy once. Its a good idea to learn the abilities Triggerhappy Lv2 and Lv3. To get the Cat Nip accessory defeat black elemental in closier 40 of the Via Infinito. To get the Invinsible accessory agree to look at the new Youth League Headquarters building with the man on Kilika every chapter at least once. After looking at it with him in chapter 5 you are granted a ferry ride to the island where there is a treasure chest containing the accessory. This simple tactic will make Trema look like NUTMEG.

Easy Gil

You must first have the "Lady Luck" Dress Sphere and the Random Reels ability. Get in a battle with a Machina (high level Machina work faster with this). Use CONGRATs on the Machina and he will be immune to it, but you will still get Gil. Repeat this for more Gil.

Quick Health Restore

Whenever your party is low on health or MP, just go to a Save Sphere, hit X and then choose "cancel." Your party's health and MP will be full without actually having to save.

Level Up White Mages Quickly

Get into an easy battle, and then eliminate all but one enemy. Turn all your characters into White Mages, and tape down the X button. At that point, you can leave, and any damage inflicted from your enemy will be counteracted with the prayers. Note: Works best on "Fast Battle Speed" configuration, and on enemies without status altering abilities.

Easy Dance Points

During the dance mini-game, ignore the commands of the game and simply press X + SQUARE + TRIANGLE + CIRCLE repeatedly to earn 500 points or more.

9999 damage

Okay, now for this to work properly you must have completed the game beforehand, you then go to New Game Plus and start again, now as you might no or not all your items and equipment are still there, though you still have to start at a low level, level 3. Now Yuna as gunner DressSphere, equip Cats Nip and Speed Bracer, I hope you have them or this wont work. Now damage Yuna in battle and do not heal her, so when you hit a enemy you hit 9999, and even better Trigger Happy 12 times, thats a total of 119988 damage aint that good! even better if you have break damage limit for a character. (Note: this will work on any of the three characters, I have just used te best way to deal the most damage).

Instant Movie and Music Spheres

To instantly buy all of the soundtracks of the game you must start a new game. After you have completed the mission on Mt. Gagazet, do not go to the missions on Besaid Island or the Zanarkand Ruins, go straight to Luca. Complete the mission there, then go back. Go to the Sphere Theatre and you should be able to buy the music and movie spheres with whatever money you have.

Movie Spheres - 2,000 Gil
Music Spheres - 1,000 Gil

The Perfect Ending

In order to get the perfect ending, you must complete each chapter with 100%. This means getting all items and completing all side missions and mini-games.

Capoeira Style Battles

No, I'm not talking about play with Eddie Gordo from Tekken 3. To see a Capoeira-like battle, you just need to equip Rikku with the Berseker dressphere. She will attack with Arco-iris move and perform some cool stunts.

Easy AP

14 dresspheres, almost 200 abilities to learn and n AP needed. It will take much time, unless you combine two acessories (it have nothing to do with the alchemist dress): Key to Sucess and AP Egg. To earn the Key to Sucess, forget that the Guado exist. DON'T stop Garik from starting war against them, and also complete all missions in Moonflow (you won't be able to get the Baralay Sphere). The AP Egg will require a little work and luck: you must win it playing Blitzball in Luca, on Tournament mode (if it appear as the first prize: I've played 4 times and just now it appeared - and I have to face the Luca Goers!!!). The Key gives to the equiped person the Double All ability (since AP, EXP, Gil, to HP and strenght), and the Egg triples the amount of AP earned, what gives 6 AP per command, and used with non-lethal abilities (such as pray, bio, etc.) will be really easy to master all dresses. NOTE: It doesn't work with the special ones, since you lose all item-given abilities.

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