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Stealing Bases

99% of the time, if your lead off hitter is fast egnough he can steal. If the other team has a cannon of a catcher stay there. If you are a rookie, try not to lead off because it is difficult to get back on base not getting off. If a player is at third and the hitter hits the ball, wait until your opponent catches it. Then, steal from third base to home plate. If you have a person on second and third base, make the batter bunt (only if you have no or one outs) and go home and to third base so that the batter gets a sacrifice bunt RBI.

Better Homerun Chance

Hold Left Analog-stick Up for a better chance of hitting a homerun. This works well when using a power hitter such as Sammy Sosa, A-Rod, Frank Thomas, etc.

Easy Perfect Game

Go to the game play setting sliders and go to 'AI batting'. Set everything to 100 and the CPU will never swing the bat.

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