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Murrayball mini-game

Go to the Palace Of Prostheses, use the filing system, and enter "Monkey-Pumpkin-Bunny" as a code to get the Ryan J. Danzwithwolves file. Look at the file, pause game play, then select the "Bonus stuff" option to access Murrayball.

Note: This must be done before looking for the No-Nosed Man.

Monkey Invaders mini-game

Successfully complete the entire Monkey Kombat table for each Monkey Stance.

Monkey Kombat moves

Hold R2 during Monkey Kombat to display the moves that can be used.

Hidden sequence

Successfully complete the game and wait until all the credits complete to see an epilogue sequence.

Monkey Kombat

To have a decent chance of defeating Jojo in Monkey Kombat, do at least four monkeys in the jungle. To make your range of moves bigger, try different combinations. Remember, if you lose to the monkeys in the jungle it doesn't matter. You will mostly get fouls for trying different combinations. Be patient.

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