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Skip intermission sequences

During an intermission sequence, hold Triangle.

Guitar mini-game

Go to the screen where you choose your song. Press various controller buttons to display little icons on the screen that make the song do different things:

"Hide" icon
Press Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Green for hidden mode. When the bars get to the middle/top area, they disappear making it very hard to hit them correctly.

"FF" icon
Press Red, Green, Blue, Pick(2) for fast forward mode. This makes the bars scroll faster.

"SFF" icon
Press Red, Green, Blue, Pick(2), Red, Green, Blue, Pick(2). The bars will scroll even faster.

"Random" icon
Press Blue, Green(2), Red, Green, Pick for random mode. Some notes will be randomized.

"SUD" icon
Press Green, Red, Blue, Green, Blue, Red, Pick at the mode selection screen. Notes will appear closer to the play line.

"Little" icon
Press Red(3), Green(2), Blue(3), Pick at the mode selection screen. This mode only allows two chords.

Getting Beak and Fang

Mouse isn't the only musical thief around. He has two partners Beak and Fang. To get them to join you must do this before you do the quest with Gallhint. When you are able to freely leave the town by use of the southern exit head north to the coast. Obtain the map piece that is in the chest there and wait until the fourth day. Kite had told Mouse earlier in the game that he would help him anytime as long as it was before the fourth day. Use the power jump ability to launch yourself to the coast and confront Kite. He will tell you the story about his ship the Matilda. He will then head back to town and you will gain control of Mouse again. Its best if you've done the quest in the Wood cutters village restoring the lift already but if you haven't do so now. After the lift is restored talk to a man cutting wood and he will give you the celestial road. To the east of the coast you will have found an abandoned village. Play the celestial road at the tree to open a portal leading to the true abandoned city. Talk to the mayor of the village to learn more of the time loop and check the well in the center of the town before you leave. When the game loops instead of seeing Kite where he normally is someone else is in his place. Head to the abandoned city and take a look down the well again. Then speak with the elder to learn that Kite had looked down there earlier. At night fall check with the shop keeper to rent a falcon at 10,000 gold. Mouse will alone be taken to Ghoul's Island. Your task is to get to Kite before the 5 days are up. When you find Kite he will be held captive by a gaint octopus. The battle is rather easy. After his defeat you have 5 hours game time to get out of there or the loop will reset automatically. Back at the shore line, Mouse's party will mention that a falcon can get outside the islands time loop. Mouse and Pattimo will send for the help of Beak and Fang which you will name at this point. I'll leave their entry points into the quest a secret.

Quick movement around the map

When you get Rummy in your party level her moves until she obtains high kick. When she uses it in combat Mouse will learn a move called Power Jump. When used in combat it is rather weak but if you use it in the skill menu you will be allowed to instantly warp to any place that you have a map piece for. But if you take a look at Mouse's hp after you do so you will. have lost 100 hit points but it will be no problem if Claire has her Regen chain ability.

Max stats.

To max your stats make sure you keep a record of every location that you find the seeds that increase your strength, dexterity, and spirit. At the end of the 5 days when it loops you can return to those exact same spots to obtain the seeds to increase your stats until you max them for every character.

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