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Difficulty Setting Trick

This is a glitch that can come in handy. First, start a mission on expert difficulty. Next, save in the middle of a mission and then exit back to the title screen. Now, change the difficulty to novice. Do not load the save file with your current mission yet. Instead, start a new game, and then do a soft reset (press SELECT + START). Finally, load the save file with your current mission. Now the game will still think your mission is on the expert difficulty, even though all the enemies will be set to the novice difficulty. This can make getting the 10th and 11th level weapons a lot easier.

Edit Character Motions

Sword 1: Zhou Yu
Sword 2: Cao Cao
Sword 3: Liu Bei
Sword 4: Sun Jian
Sword 5: Sun Quan
Sword 6: Dong Zhou
Sword 7: Yuan Shao
Sword 8: Huang Zhong
Sword 9: Gang Ning
Sword 10: Xiahou Yuan
Spear 1: Zhao Yun
Spear 2: Ma Chao
Spear 3: Jang Wei
Pike 1: Zhang Liao
Pike 2: Lu Meng

Xtreme Mode Prices

Levels 1 to 15 are cheap for Meat Buns, but when you go to levels 16 to 20 they get over 20,000 to 30,000. When you are close to that level, start saving your money. Note: Troops, officers, and
equipment remain cheap.

Saving Items in Xtreme Mode

In order to save the items you collected in Xtreme mode, you must quit the game. If your officer is defeated in battle, then it will not save the items that you have collected.

Two Sun Ces

There must be two players for this to work. On Da Qiao's legend mode have the first player choose Da while the second player chooses Sun Ce. While choosing Sun Ce, select one of his second pair of costumes. Then, start the game. In the battle there will be two Sun Ces on Da Qiao's legend mode.

Easy Life And Musou

Play Zhang Fei in Legends mode with any character. Go to the Vaces at the top right and left corner. You will find Musuo Wine (+10 Musuo) and +10 Life.

The Art Of War

Play as Sun Jian in Legends mode. Do nothing until Lu Bu arrives. Kill Lu Bu. The item appears in the fortress where the ambush is located. The Art Of War has all ability boost items (armor, Imperial Seal, etc.) last for double the time.

Storm Harness

Play as Dong Zhuo in Legends mode. Kill Yuan Shao as soon as he appears. The item will appear in the northeastern corner of the map. Storm Harness increases your mounted attack.

Shadow Runner

Play as Cao Cao in Legends mode. Kill all the Wu generals. The item will appear in the northeastern part of the map. Shadow Runner is the best harness in the game, as it allows you to never be knocked off any horse.

Red Hare Saddle

Play as Guan Yu in Legends mode. Protect the carriage. When Yu Jin appears, kill him . The item will appear in the southwest corner of the map. Red Hare is the fastest horse on the game.

Power Rune

Play as Zhuge Liang in Legends mode. Do exactly as instructed by the game. Every time it tells you to kill Yue Ying, do it immediately. Just before you kill her for the last time, a secret item message will appear. Retrieve your item and complete the level. You will now have Power Rune, which increases attack and decreases defense.

Musuo Armor

Play as Sun Quan in Legends mode. Kill Zhang Liao four times. A supply team will appear on the left-hand side and run for the northwest gate. Kill the Captain and claim your item. Finish the level and you will have Musuo Armor, which prevents you from being stunned or knocked off your horse by arrow attacks.

Master Of Musou

Play as Lu Bu in Legends mode. Get 1,300 KOs before Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei appear. Supply troops will appear. Defeat the supply troops.

Hex Mark Saddle

Play as Liu Bei in Legends mode. Kill all the officers except one without letting the Liu Bei killing peasants intermission sequence happen. The saddle will appear. Claim it and finish the level. The Hex Mark raises your luck.

Helm Of Might

Play as Zhang Fei in Legends mode. Stay around the Chang Ban bridge and do not go past the wooden gate. Get 300 KOs in seven minutes, without letting a single soldier across the bridge. Supply troops running fast will enter from the bottom left to top right.

Fire Arrows

Play as Huang Zhong in Legends mode. Kill Guan Ping and Zhou Cang. The item will appear at the far western side of the level.

Charge Bracer

Play as Gan Ning in Legends mode under the hard difficulty setting. Kill all the confused officers when Zhang Liao comes. The message "A valuable item has been discovered" will appear. It will be located next to Zhang Liao's top left gates.

Bodyguard Manual

Play as Cao Ren in Legends mode. At the beginning of the stage, when Niu Jin request assistance, get there as fast as possible (some type of saddle helps). Defeat Gan Ning as quickly as possible. A message will tell you that the item has been discovered. The Bodyguard Manual makes your bodyguards more powerful.

Zhou Tai: Level 11 Weapon

Rescue Sun Quan, then rescue his four officers. An ambush party appears by Sun Quan. Defeat them all , kill Taici Ci, then Liu Gong. You will get your final weapon. If you battle on land, you will get a weapon with Life Up. If you battle on Shadow Runner and never get off, you will get a sword made for horse riding (Musou Up).

Zhang He: Level 11 Weapon

Play Zhang He's Legend. As soon as the level starts, follow Wei Yan until you see a way down the mountain (the one where if you go down, there will be Guan Ping's ambush). As soon as you see the way, hit Wei Yan with your C4 to the way down. Then, go fetch him. As soon as you do, Guan Ping will activate the rock slide. After that happens, Wei Yan will remain still, not moving. Finish him off. After you defeat him, Zhang He will say something, and the message ''Zhang He has gained the final weapon Infernal Talon!'' will appear.

Sun Ce: Level 11 Weapon

In order to get Sun Ce's level 11 weapon (Hierophant), change the difficulty to the expert setting and get an "S" rank on his Legend. To do this, kill the real version of the enemy officer as fast as you can while taking as few hits as possible. After you finish him off for the last time, you should see a message stating that you got
the weapon.

Lu Bu: Level 11 Weapon

In order to get Lu Bu's level 11 weapon you must get 2,000 KOs. Its useful to have a second player to help get the weapon. Kill enemy officers that stand in your way, including sub officers if desired. Ave the other player be a decoy for enemy officers. It is best when Liu Bei and his brothers kill Guan Yu and Zhang Fei first, leaving Liu Bei alive. While standing by a gate captain, you can get an incredible amount of kills when major pains are gone.

Liu Bei: Level 11 Weapon

In order to get Liu Bei's level 11 weapon (King of Shu) change the difficulty to the expert setting and get an "S: rank on his Legend. To do this, kill all of the enemy officers without killing any of the peasants. The first few will charge directly to you. Otherwise, lure them as far away from the peasants as possible (Shadow Harness recommended). The last one is difficult because there are always peasants around him. Using the third charge to push him away from the peasants seems to work well. Note: Time may have an effect on your rank; make sure you do this as quickly and carefully as you can.

Ma Chao: Easy kills

In Legends mode, play as Ma Chao in Ma Chao's legend. When you start, run north of your area. You will see a man with a horse. Knock him off and take his horse. Stay on the horse and do charged attacks (Triangle). This will either stun or kill all enemy soldiers. On the beginner difficulty setting, you can get over 1,100 KOs.

Expert Difficulty Enemies Only As Powerful As Beginner

Begin a battle under the expert difficulty setting. Save the game and quit immediately. Then, change the difficulty setting to the beginner setting and play any Legend. Defeat five or more troops then press Start + Select to reset and continue the old Legend. It will count as expert mode, but the troops and generals will have 20% less defense and will be easier to defeat. This trick is very useful for unlocking level 11 weapons, especially for Lu Bu.

Easy Weapon Experience

Complete Zhang Fei's Legend once, then play it again with any desired character under the hard difficulty setting. Quit and save the game, then set the game back to the beginner difficulty setting
and start any legend. Press Select + Start during game play to reset, then resume Zhang Fei's legend. Most of the officers will give you about 1024 experience and a +8 attack item.

In-game reset

Press Select + Start during game play.

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