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Multiplayer: Double Zero

Complete the "Derby Race" Mission.

Multiplayer: Limousine

Complete the "Painting it Orange" Mission.

Multiplayer: Pickup Truck

Complete the "Still Running" Mission.

Multiplayer: Police Car and General Lee

Complete "Picnic Persuasion" Mission.

Multiplayer: Roadrunner

Complete the "Daisy's Directions" Mission.

Multiplayer: Sheriff's Car, Black Car and Tow Truck

Complete "Stock Car Race" Mission.

Multiplayer: Turbo General Lee

Complete the "Runaway Daisy" Mission.

Racetrack Hot Laps

Complete "Stock Car Race" Mission.

Get Moonshine Boost Turbo

Complete the "General Confusion" Mission.

Get New Carburetor

Complete the "Painting it Orange" Mission.

Get New Transmission

Complete the "Stash Uncle Jesse" Mission.

Get Off-Road Tires

Complete "Pick up the Pick-up" Mission.

Demolition Derby Mode

Complete the "Painting it Orange" Mission.

Head to Head Mode

Complete the "Volatile Situation" Mission.

Hot Pursuit Mode

Complete "Stock Car Race" Mission.

FMV: The Making Of

Reach a five star rating on 6 stunt jumps.

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